"Anyone who nonconsensually violates your brain/mind/mentation using Mengele-like methods is a Nazi pig. You do not care what a Nazi pig thinks. You do not care about a Nazi pig's opinions. You do not respond to a Nazi pig ridiculing you, threatening you, trying to distract you, or otherwise trying to manipulate you. You work to get a Nazi pig hanged." - Allen Barker, NPT Theorem

Friday, September 30, 2011

Richard of Port Alberni

discredit - "...Once they have made someone look like they are a psychopath they can now watch the person like as if they are killers so then they can now have gangstalkers follow you 24/7 and destroy your life...This is how they discredit me and make me look like I am going to harm someone which I will not instead all I can do is educate the public about how corrupt law and order really is in this country. I have a clean record, no history of violence, no history of going through the courts all my life...This all started years ago...next thing I know I am being gangstalked...It is a direct result of me being the whistleblower and so this can happen to anyone..." (canadian conspiracy )


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Helen Gurdina

"Helen [Galina], the organizer of the Toronto protest needs to be recognized as the person who motivated us all to get busy and do whatever it takes to bring this crime out in the open. Thank you Helen for kick starting us!" - Debbie Newhook, Reports From The Front - Oct. 2009 Global Protests

Dear Member of the Canadian Government:
We are writing you on behalf of Organization of Victims of Psychotronic (Mind Control) Weapons to ask for your help for the many constituents in Canada who are being targeted unjustly without their informed consent by Psychotronic (or Mind Control, Electronic, Directed Energy, Neurological, Non-lethal) Weapons. We, and many others, are being TORTURED AND MUTILATED IN A MIND CONTROL CONCENTRATION CAMP 24/7. We wouldn't be tortured and manipulated in a properly functioning legal system/society. Victims of Psychotronic weapons detail the most extreme and totalitarian violations of human rights in human history, including the most horrendous incidents of psychological torture, mental and physical mutilations. Criminals place human subjects under continuous surveillance, no matter where he/she is. They monitor the human brain, including thoughts, reactions, motor commands, auditory events and visual images. They continuously alter consciousness, introduce voices, noises, commands, images, "dreams", and other disturbances into the brain. They directly abuse, torture and assault our bodies - including performing advanced medical procedures from remote locations.

These are some of symptoms of targeted individuals:
  • 1). Microwave hearing and torture with intense, loud, electronic-sounding noise.
  • 2). Visual distortions and hallucinations.
  • 3). Manipulation of will, emotions, feelings, and perceptions.
  • 4). Manipulation of human behavior: forced speech, involuntary body movements, transmission of specific commands into the subconscious, compulsory execution of these commands.
  • 5). Reading thoughts remotely, retrieving memories, implanting personalities.
  • 6). Debilitation of mental acuity: inability to concentrate, disruption of ability to think rationally and independently.
  • 7). Loss of memory and knowledge.
  • 8). Inadequate states, which targeted individuals have never experienced before (states of narcotic intoxication, depression, obsessive desires and so on).
  • 9). Control of sleep patterns: sleep deprivation or uncontrollable sleep
  • 10). Blurred vision
  • 11). Cramps, seizures and spasms
  • 12). Excruciating, artificial pain in any part of the body, including heart attacks and other serious, medical conditions.

Investigation of these crimes is under jurisdiction of RCMP in Canada. We have contacted RCMP, police, Security/Intelligence Agencies, Courts and other Government institutions over and over and over again, but have had our appeals for assistance and protection almost completely ignored or suppressed. The government “doing nothing” in this situation is a form of sanctioning these horrendous, fascist mind control experiments on innocent and defenseless people. That is why the Canadian Government is responsible for these crimes. The government of Canada must uphold the rule of National, International and Human Rights Law and protect Canadian citizens by these laws. Instead we see the huge disconnect between its professed principles and values and the reality.

It is our responsibility to record and alert the world to these horrendous crimes and the extreme danger that these technologies pose to democracy, human rights, privacy, mental and physical freedom, and the health of all people. These are the most horrendous weapons and crimes imaginable, and the people, using them, are mass-murdering conspirators, pursuing fascist, totalitarian, fundamentalist schemes.

Doctor Joseph Mengele and other Nazis, who started developing these techniques in concentration camps during World War II, were brought over here from Europe after the war to continue their atrocities. MKULTRA was the first of these illegal and immoral experiments with unwilling victims. We are the latest victims. THIS MUST STOP, and the people responsible exposed and brought to justice for these unspeakable crimes against humanity. We demand only that our human rights are respected, and that the Canadian Government appoints a Committee to get to the bottom of this most serious matter based upon the evidence collected, intercepted, and compiled by victims for many years (Victims of Psychotronic (Mind Control) Weapons / Canadian Government).

global protest - "We protested in front of the Legislative Assembly Building and near Medical Science Building of University of Toronto today. We started at 10.30 A.M. There were 5 people in front of the Legislative Assembly: Robin Yan, Regan Hallett, Carlo Calandra, Mark Holden and I, Galina Kurdina. People approached us and we distributed about 10 fliers. One woman came to us and started a scandal. She offered us to hire people, pay them and ask to hold our posters on streets of Toronto. She suggested us not to appear ourselves on the streets. She persuaded us that we had to put some soft information on our posters, not the truth that we experienced and described. When asked, what soft things she would advice to write on our posters, she did not answer. She asked Robin, what was the reason of his targeting. It was clear for all of us that she worked for police, or RCMP or Government. Robin took his camera and wanted to take pictures of her, and she immedieately disappeared. We left Legislative Building about 1.30 P.M. Robin, Regan and I went to Tim Horton and had some coffee. After that we decided to go to any street and came to Medical Science Building of University of Toronto. Regan left us 30 minutes [later], Robin and I stayed there for one hour. We distributed our fliers very quickly, people approached us, read our poster about mind control and took fliers. One student of UofT, sweet boy, said to us that, in his opinion, these experiments were disgusting, another person wished us to continue our struggle. We made pictures and video records. I will send them to all of you, as soon as get them." (Reports From The Front - Oct. Global Protests)

Galina Kurdina aka Helen Kurdin is an activist and targeted individual from Toronto, Ontario Canada. She studied at Murmansk Pedagogical University and active in exposing OSEH through activism. In 2009 she was one of the few who participated in global protest against organized stalking and electronic harassments. She also wrote petition addressed to the Canadian government about this crimes.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Rachael O.

trust no one - "...If you survive being a target for many years you'll be able to tell which websites are helpful which ones aren't. There are websites with alot of info you have to sort out, and I suggest you only do so after you've studied gangstalking itself becuz alot of the info might not be pertinent or confuse the issue with too much detail and speculation. There are alot of websites run by people I myself have had the displeasure of discovering are unsafe people. Basically a general description of gangstalking that's simple is best. Only the target themselves knows the details of their own situation. Trust no one completely. Question and analyze. 'Perps' come from every walk of life as do targets, that's a general rule to stick to. Be very wary of anything that can be faked. How do you know I am who I say I am? You don't. After I write this, some perp may come out on another website claiming to be me. Making video with some indication of continuum would be best. I am writing a blog becuz I can't guarantee I'll make it any further. I feel ill lately..something is wrong. I highly doubt if my life is going to extend much longer..." (Gangstalking=murder)

brain washing - "...If you are a smart TI you already know about other parts of gang stalking..keep this in mind as you go to different locations/buildings.This is the sort of environment where you will be treated very badly and people think they can get away with it. Document everything, point out always how the rules were not followed and how you were 'played' and especially any favor given to perps that are fellow homeless. You will find, believe it or not, that certain shelters actually host what seem like perp groups...don't even try to conceive of how inhumane and sinister this is, just document it. Hostels may have even worse activities waiting for you from a perp group (this is where a shelter being accountable as a service agency has its advantages over hostels). Another reason that you are forced into homeless shelters is that these are all basically mind control environments...every shelter I have been to employs some kind of tactic according to the definition of 'brain washing'. It's to keep the population in line. You will have to fight the urge to give up or fall into complacency. Harassment outside of the shelter adds to trauma. In some shelters you will find relief from outside harassment for a time..."(What you should know about homelessness and shelters)

fast educating the public "...I realize now that many activists are COINTELPRO and FBI and there is evidence that COINTELPRO is back due to laws being repealed during Bush. This is why the Obama era seems even more smothering than the Bush era. And it shows that TIs are correct in sensing and experiencing what started during Bush never ended. This is why the public go along with much of this. They don't want to know that human atrocities are being covered.up and Targets are being abused under the guise of national security...Many Targets don't like to reference COINTELPRO because its in the past and supposedly it was stopped by new laws in place. Its as useless as referencing the holocuast, because lay people now mock our situations with 'oh the silent holocaust' or 'oh yeah, the Manchurian Candidate'. Utilizing pop media or historical references to establish ourselves is suicide in a throw away culture. You need to build something concrete that will stand up to time and the public's fickle childish tastes. And I read somewhere recently its inappropriate to use other groups hardships for your own purposes and specifically that was written by a Jew on the matter of referencing the holocaust so it works against us in many ways...The public have been so slowly dumbed down, reduced and caged, isolated and marginalized that they now see and comprehend very little that goes on beyond the parameters they are kept in. This is why the 90s had to be ended by Bush era. The internet and Gen X created an information leak within the world we live in that was fast educating the public about exactly how this world works. The powers that be were used.to living in a world where they could do as they pleased without public scrutiny. All that the Bush era did was to condition the public to no longer ask any questions about exactly what Power is up to because you'll either be persecuted or ignored..." (COINTELPRO Is Back On The Books- TIs Arent Just Referencing The Past)

Rachael O. is an activist and a targeted individual from Boston, Massachusetts. In her one of several You Tube videos, Rachel briefly described electronic harassment using directed energy device/weapon, and other gang-related stalking and symptoms she endured over the years since 1996. She reiterated in her blog, since 2003 the frequency of activities became 24/7 and it was only since Obama took over the white house that the harassment become less intense. She moved to different cities so many times that she became familiarize with various regional groups in the organized stalking network. Her experience made her destitute and homeless. According to her: “Like other Targets the ultimate goal of the harassment system seems suicide or institutionalization. This is very common for tbmc survivors. The cover stories to discredit are that "I am crazy or that this is all solely due to my past involvement with the criminal element.” Her You Tube clip was quite inspirational, advising those who are experiencing this situation "to keep on fighting and TI are not crazy people." Her mother is documented radiation experimentee, MK Ultra related (Putting Faces to the TI Phenomenom)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Doreen Dotan

optical delusion - "...With the advent of the "scientific method" it appeared, for awhile, that the approach to ontology and epistemology of the Greeks had proven to be the correct one and the approach of the Jews to knowledge and being receded and was temporarily eclipsed. This optical delusion [sic] was exacerbated in the minds of secular scientists by the wholly irrational, bizarre and dark mysticism of the Christians, which was often attributed to the Jews as well because Christianity, possessing no validity on its own, was compelled to refer obsessively to Judaism in its vain attempt to reassure itself that it stood on some basis other than pagan debauchery, human sacrifice and drug-induced hallucination..." (The Jews vs. The Greeks)

your own words - "I wrote this to one of the many someone's I've encountered who don't seem to perceive the problem with perceiving and expressing truth by quoting a charactoon from a movie. One of the most powerful tools of controlling ones' consciousness is language. *Always* express yourself in your own words. That is not to say that quotes do not help us understand things - even quotes of things we hear in the media. But reformulate the idea *in your own words* always unless you are quoting a real person. In which case, put the quote in quotation marks to remind yourself this is a quote, someone else's thoughts, not yours, and attribute it to the person who said it both to honor him or her and to maintain the integrity of your own identity." (Either you will will be the Master of your mind, or someone else will)

armageddon spectacular - "...It has been around 60 years since the Dead Sea Scrolls were uncovered, and they continue to generate enormous controversy regarding their authors and meaning...I own a complete Concordance of all of the known non-Biblical Dead Sea texts. Emmanu'el Tov produced it a few years ago when he was sure that he was in possession of all of the materials. There is no mention of any such stone. I have never heard any mention of any such stone tablets, neither has Dani'el. More importantly, Emmanu'el Tov is the world's expert on the scrolls. The fact that his name is not even mentioned in the article is suspect. The 2012 Brigade are hard at work staging the Disney-Pomo World Productions Armageddon Spectacular. I've heard a few oblique references to the Dead Sea Scrolls in relation to the NWO, nothing that put up an immediate red flag. It was only reasonable to assume that so powerful an instrument is going to be manipulated. It was just a matter of time. My suspicion is that the next Dead Sea Scroll to be mentioned in the news will be the War Scroll. The will present it as a justification and preparation for Armaggedon. This is a time of need for great balance and restraint. We all want a better world. HaShem has infinite ways at It's disposal for bringing that about. There need not be Armageddon..." (The New World Order vs. The Dead Sea Sect)

In her own words - "I am a nice Orthodox Jewish lady who lives in Tzfat, Yisra'el. I have always been very deeply committed to the Jewish People and to the Jewish religion, yet Orthodoxy as we know it has always seemed inauthentic to me...I study linguistic anomalies in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The (always tentative) conclusions that I have drawn about HaYachad (the Dead Sect) are innovative and controversial. That study is related to my research into Hebrew Alphanumerics. Hebrew Alphanumerics can answer a lot of the perplexing questions that entertain the minds of physicists who encounter the "quantim level of reality" as its called. I hope to demonstrate how that is. I'm interested in psephology and think that the adoption of CPO-STV would be a helpful interim measure that will lead the citizens of quasi- and ersatz "democracies" (i.e., plutocracies that employ the mob the enforce conformity) to the next level of freedom and responsibility. However, I am extremely doubtful that any government would cooperate in adopting measures that would ameliorate Everyman's situation by limiting its own power. It is doubtful, then, that revisions of the electoral system can be accomplished by legislation. I am an Anarchist in the tradition of Peter Kropotkin, Gustav Landauer and Emma Goldman, of blessed memory. I am an Anarcho-Communalist. Or, at least that's as close to what my take on Anarchy may be described as. While not opposed to Anarcho-Syndicalism and believing that those modes of interaction and mutual aid should exist parallel to the existence of the government, relying more and more on the former, so long as government exists; I see it as an interim measure. Eventually, Anarcho-Syndicalist association will supplant our current socio-economic structures. But those, in turn, must be supplanted by Anarcho-Communism as we are more than workers and Anarcho-Syndicalism, in addition to retaining aspects of Capitalism, sees the Human Being primarily as a worker. I am a proponent of responsible and committment-based Polyamory and try to demonstrate how that can be integrated into a Jewish lifestyle. Moral correctitude is of paramount importance to me and I write on that topic a good deal. I live in the historic town of Tzfat (Safed as it was known in the foreign press during the recent war with Lebanon), in the north of Israel with my righteous husband and Teacher, Dani'el. We have two surprisingly humanoid grown children of whom we are very proud. Our daughter gave birth to a fine baby boy in April, 2007 and we have Grandthing No. 2 on the way...Oh, and I neglected to mention that I am Queen of the Laputans Manque." (About Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan)


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Debbie Newhook

"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says - "Oh Crap, She's up!"

psychological trauma - "...Imagine a female college student who has been raped by a really popular male student. The male student wore a purple shirt on the night of their "date." When the victim files charges, a lot of students express their support for the popular male by wearing purple shirts. They position themselves wherever she goes, by wearing the purple shirt. As a victim of a psychological trauma, the symbolism is not lost on her, and each time a purple-shirted student blocks her way or sits in front of her or follow her into the restroom she is reminded of her humiliation and violation. If it continues, she will either drop out or psychologically collapse. This is the power that the symbol has over her..." (Hiding Multiple Stalker Harassment)

detox from radiation - "...It's sad but true that there are thousands of scientific references and medical studies out there on the fact that radiation and radioactivity can harm you, yet despite millions of dollars spent by the government to study radiation, virtually nothing is available about a detoxification diet or nutritional supplements you might use if you are exposed to radioactive contamination. Here's some of the information we do know from the only book in the world on the topic. Keep this information in the back of your mind as it may one day help save you or someone you know. Most people are aware taking potassium iodide (KI) or potassium iodate (KIO3) tablets will help block your thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine should there ever be a dirty bomb explosion or nuclear power plant mishap such as the Three Mile Island incident. In 1999, another such accident happened in Tokaimura, Japan where several individuals died from radiation exposure in a fuel processing facility. What people don't recognize is that potassium iodide or iodate tablets only protect the thyroid gland and do not provide protection from any other radiation exposure, so taking them should not give you a false sense of security. It's important to detox your body after radioactive exposure! One question is, what do you do if KI or KIO3 tablets aren't available during an emergency? Interestingly enough, according to research by Ken Miller, health physicist at the Hershey Medical Center, he found that an adult could get a blocking dose of stable iodine by painting 8 ml of a 2 percent tincture of Iodine on the abdomen or forearm approximately 2 hours prior to I-131 contamination. Potassium iodine tablets are best, but if they're not available this is the next best thing..." (how to detox from radiation)

power to control - "...You have to take back control over your life and get out of the house and make yourself get a life other than the one that is imposed upon you. This is not an impossible task. I managed to do this (over time) and I am quite happy in my life… except for the EH which I can block if it gets unbearable. I took many steps to improve my outlook on life and I also began the process of forgiveness for all the wrong done to me in the past by people and or perps. This was the most difficult thing I had to do, but once I did let go of all the past shit and did not harbor any hate/anger/disappointment towards people, I saw a dramatic change in myself in particular my outlook on life and my health. I also had to come to a place in my life where I accepted my destiny as a target and carry on. In order to carry on and not be affected by the perps who mess with me in the community, I started to treat this like a game; a reality game where I am one of the characters and I have the power to affect the outcome of my day. I have the power to control every interaction. So I decided to do what I call "Fun with Perps". I am a bold person and this is advantageous, but I am also now a calm person and able to analyze a community interaction in a split second and return a perp behavior with a calm, funny, sarcastic or charismatic way that defused the situation and allowed me to have the power or control. My perps soon stopped trying to interact negatively with me in the community because they were starting to look the fool..." (Spot Light On: Debbie Newhook's Winning Philosophy)

global protest - "I feel our Victoria protest was a success. We had 5 people present at the protest: Keith Tickleback from Nelson BC, Consuelo Galomar from Vernon BC, David Smith from Grabriola, Heather Quinn from Victoria BC and me Debbie Newhook. We had one protester from Nanaimo, Doug (Jerry) Rose who could not make the protest as he reported he was feeling horrible the night before the protest and he did not think he would be able to make it. As soon as we arrived at the protest location we were greeted by a University of Victoria student who wanted an interview with us. David and I spent 30 mins with her speaking about this crime. We gave her hand out material which included FFCHS material along with a Jim Guest letter of support. In addition we suggest that she research James Walbert and directed her to an article in Wired Magazine about James Walbert. She was genuinely interested and shocked at many of the details about this crime. During the time David and I were being interviewed, the police arrived. Consuelo spoke to the friendly police officer and was told that the police got 2 telephone calls indicating that we were obstructing the sidewalk traffic. Upon his arrival he saw that we were only a small group and that we were not blocking the sidewalk traffic and asked that we continue to allow the flow of pedestrians and not to interfere with them. Keith was our camera person and did take still pics only of the event and did capture a picture of the police as he was talking to Consuelo. Later I was approached by woman who knew she was a target of this crime. She knew much about the goings on of the world and she expressed that she was a whistle blower. David and I could tell that she was genuine and she was fearful.I gave her my contact info. We had many other people briefly speak to us about this crime and did take hand out material.The area of the protest was a very busy location in Victoria and we all thought it was a success. After about 2.5 hours we had given away about 400 fliers and we were almost out of hand out material when the skies opened up and it began to rain very hard. We called it quits at that time and went back to Heathers house for a chat and a meal. In my opinion, I thought this was good activism day. David and I later talked about doing this in Nanaimo at a later date and discussed the date of Dec 10 as it was the UN day of Human Rights." (Reports From The Front - Oct. Global Protests)

Debbie Newhook, activist, targeted individual from Nanaimo, BC. She studied Life Skills Coach Training at the Grant MacEwan University. On one of her radio guesting, Newhook described the start of her ordeal when in 1993 and working as a social worker, she took a 6 year old satanic ritual child abuse case from a Catholic social services in Edmonton, Alberta. She was warned by her superior not to take the case but she took it anyway and discovered the girl's family are entangled in an organization of ritualistic satanic mind control progrms. She will then learned later on that the government sponsored mind control programs that involves children at a young age also involved in population control and other similar research. And this started her targeting. Her perpetrator (stalkers) attempted to recruit her at one point but she figure out the criminal activities of this organization and refused. She also realized that this people used brain mapping technologies and other high tech devices and that the RCMP are involved and even use the services of this criminals. She reiterated that the police are complicit because they use the same technologies and they actuall "do this (stalking and harassment)." She believed that people are being implanted with tracking devices and micro chips and that other targets can't get government assistance to get rid of the implants. She pointed out the targets are branded as "National Security" as they don't get help from health practitioner, lawyer and politicians. Newhook learned to heal herself from directed energy weapon attacks after she several misdiagnosis from health officials who can't figure out what was wrong with her. Newhook believe that people are misinformed and not at all are "bad." She believe that technologies are being used to Canadians, attacking them without their knowledge. The people who are being attack will think of their situation as a series of "bad luck" but actually organized stalking and electronic harassment activities. She adviced anyone who are being attack: "do not isolate yourself." because this is one of the things the perpertrators want targets to do (Deb Newhook on Michael Herzog's "American Awakening" Show)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Joanna Iatridou

evaporation-dehydration injury - "...I believe from my personal experience that Lisa McPherson, the most famous dead Scientologist, had been hit with same weapons,and her weird behaviour, read the logs of her last 3 weeks alive, that she took of all her clothes and run in the street was because her skin was burning and also she had been "beamed" to throw up and wet her self.That she could not stand up nor sleep because she had been "evaporated" with the beam that causes traumatic loss of body water, that's why she was dehydrated, because even if she drank one litre of water a day she could not rebalance the evaporation-dehydration injury, so that's why she was in agony for many days. Also like me, her stomach had stopped working so she could not keep down any solid food. That all this agonizing 3 weeks to dying dehydrated and from embolism was because she was being hit through a wall by David Miscavige just for fun, but all civilians are ignorant how to help such a victim, so they could not assess her situation. I need to protect the survival and human rights of my ex-husband and me and make sure we do not end up disabled or dead.I also need to learn what treatment can heal me because I am still exhausted and weak one week after the attack and what else I can do.Do you think it's fair to remain a secret that there is a well developed range of these weapons being used to kill or cripple people when solving disputes, by totalitarian wealthy guys?Please get in touch as Wishaw Hospital would like to get in touch with therapists or health hazard specialists who know more about how to handle these weapons and how to recover from such attacks..." (Help against directed energy weapons by OSA)

state of my teeth - "...Below are photos of mine that show the state of my teeth, without any cosmetic enhancement like enamel etc. The picture with the dark hair is during my time with IBM Greenock, so it is end of 1998, January 1999 latest and all my teeth are there with good enamel quality despite eating average 1-2 pounds of refined sugar all my life from the age of 8 when I had choice what to eat.In 1999 I was forty one, so I had 33 years of non-stop sugar behind me, his shows that my body had the capacity to repair the toxicity and the damage done from white sugar by at least 90%, when not attacked by DEWs. The blonde picture is summer 2002 for my passport. The two pictures are FOUR YEARS apart. The February 8th 2010 photo was taken with a webcam. All my left side teeth 5-6 of them, started breaking about 6 weeks after I had been blasted with an ADS on the 29th of January 2009 in South Lanark, at the KFB Village, the road outside my home, I was blasted from the left, the van with the ADS was on the right. 6 weeks later, my left side teeth started breaking while eating normal soft foods one by one. All of them kept breaking one after the other except one. When I checked with a dental mirror what's so "special" about this one tooth that did not break, I found out it has a big amalgam filling in it. So the large amount of metal in it supplied conductivity to the tooth and that's why it did not break. ADS weapons attacks break the teeth and cook the eyes, and we know that from Iraki hospital doctors and casualties, I will find a few links of videos and publish them. The reason why my left side teeth did not break all together and immediately same day is the ADS intensity attack. If the ADS blasted me hard enough to break all my left side teeth in one go I would have been dead on the tarmack instantly. The intensity meant injury to make me panic with severe chest pains, cooking skin, stinging eyes and blood pressure shooting over 200..." (Exposure to DEWs rots a target from the inside, all vital organs)

thermal injuries to the brain - "...I was blasted with a war zone ADS (Active Denial System) from a car, in Scotland. Don't worry this will not happen to other targets as it creates forensic evidence: if the ADS is killing intensity you drop dead in the street with broken teeth. The broken teeth are evidence. If you get blasted with injury intensity, like me, all your teeth will turn brittle and break within two months only from the side you were hit: left cheek or right cheek, again, breaking 5-8 teeth within two months is evidence of ADS. After the ADS attack, I had to go to A&E, where I was sectioned as I mentioned the word DEWs attack. Out of Hospital, two doctors showed me a test to check if my brain had been maliciously injured during my time in Hospital. It was, and this is common in the UK: you can get hit for 4 seconds at the top of the head, the crown and in 4 seconds a high power microwave burns the top 1cm of your brain, the cerebral cortex. The only way to find out if this was done to you is drink 4 units of votka without taking any painkillers or sedation for 2 days before and after the drink. If you got hidden thermal injuries to the brain, the drink will flare up the burned areas within 20 minutes and the pain will get worse by the hour. You got to put icepacks on it and keep your body cool at 34 celsius max, for 5 days to start healing the burn. No painkillers or other sedation. When the burn is healing the pain goes down. After I had treated the thermal brain injury I was still getting attacked from the flats upstairs, in Edinburg. I managed to prevent blindness by emailing the Local Police that if I get any more DEWs attacks I will be blind by the morning. This cut down the attack. intensity, but did not stop it. Next thing I was bedridden with weak cardiovascular and called the local medical centre to bring me a wheelchair and a carer as I cannot stand up or use my legs at all. This stopped the attack for 48 hours and I went back to being able to stand up and walk. As soon as I could walk I left Edinburgh and a lot of "adventures" followed this is how I joined this group. The belief in fashion, across the UK is this: the perps can hit you on the head and body during sleep hours as much as they like and they believe you will not tell the Police for fear of being sectioned. My solution to that is a) off the record emails to the local police. I email them the type of the attack, locations I suspect and times OFF THE RECORD no police visits or interviews, it is up to them to stop the criminals anyway they want..." (Joan Iatridou's Page).

Joanna Iatridou is an activist and targeted individual from London, United Kingdom. She is originally from Paisley, Scotland and mentioned on her You Tube account that she is targeted by two arrogant and aggressive Americans. She said: "I study solutions and remedies to get out of the victim situation and compile helpful playlists (videos)." On June 30, 2007, Iatridou wrote on her blog, about how she is different from other scientology critics. She became a Scientologist in 1975 and left the church in 2006. This maybe one of the reasons for her serious targeting that started in 2006. Her you tube videos showcased her struggles. One clip featured her sleeping that appeared she was having an electronic convulsions or attacks.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Paolo Fiora

non-consensual testing - "...I have been a political and human rights activist since my early teens. In 1988 I relocated to the United Kingdom from my native Italy, and during the 22 years I have spent in this country I have been working and paying taxes. I live in North London and for many years I have been used, like a number of other individuals, in the UK, in the US and in a number of other countries, as a guinea pig for the covert, non-consensual testing of all kind of technologies and techniques targeted at finding new ways of better controlling and manipulating people.The way the people who perpetrate this political crime manage to get almost universal cooperation with their activities, is through an ongoing campaign of character assassination, lies, misinformation, disinformation against the innocent victims, never mind the fact that most of their allegations are totally contradictory and fly in the face of even the most basic common sense, but, who's going to take the time to question and analyze their allegation? We have been led into two totally illegal and ruinous wars, how many people bothere to question their lies? Rendition is still going on! Is anyone asking questions? To help to expose this crime should be a priority for all political and human rights activists, but unfortunately the great majority of them doesn't really want to know what goes on and seems only too willing to believe all the lies and the misinformation, they don't know how to deal with this relatively new and unreported political crime, MAYBE THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH US, THE VICTIMS, I guess it is a little more complex that just attending a demonstration or signing a petition, they find easier to consider us, the increasing number of people who complain about the abuse and the violence we are being subjected to, describing it in ways which are always consistent and similar, they find easier to dismiss us as mentally ill, all suffering from some sort of new, still to be defined, psychiatric syndrome!...after years of having been used as a guinea pigs in experiments which became over the years increasing brutal, ruthless and horrific, a full-blown campaign of psychological terrorism is under way to “dispose” of me and drive me out of the country, showing total contempt for the fact that I left Italy 22 years ago, I have never been back since and I have nowhere else to go to in the entire world. I would like to point out that I have never committed any crime, nor hurt anyone in my entire life, I don't have a criminal record, not in Italy, nor in this country, nor have I ever been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. But the saddest thing of all to me is that many fellow human right and political activists in my native Italy first and then in this country, when I went to them for support and help over the years, they have always, somewhat incomprehensibly, chosen to look the other way and hide and abet this crime.  We live in a global culture dominated by corruption, collusion and conniving, they got away with starting two completely illegal and ruinous wars, they got away with Rendition and with all kind of human rights abuses, they got away with passing reams and reams of fascist, illiberal legislation, and they are totally confident they can get away with using any number of innocent citizens as guinea pigs, you are the ones who can prove them wrong and help to held these fascists, masquerading as "scientists", accountable for their crimes!..." (Facebook)

new weapon system - "Then the last element in my story is the increasing militarisation of Western society, where the Terror-Industrial Complex is constantly looking to develop new weapon system and new ways of controlling and manipulating the population. To date my entire life has been destroyed and ruined, I think fellow activists should start to question all the lies being told about myself and also start asking all the difficult and obvious questions about all the sinister technologies which are currently been deployed against me and which, in a not so distant future, could easily start to get rolled out against them too, if they are not already, in some sort of creeping, low-profile way, you may be interested to know that often it takes years for the victims to realize that they are being targeted in this fashion and by these technologies. You may also be interested to know that practically all the victims of this sophisticated campaign of harassment, complain about being targeted by a ferocious campaign of character assassination in their local community, which has the effect of turning everyone against them, often INCLUDING family and relatives, spouses, close friends, employers and colleagues at work..." (Facebook)

systematic vilification - "...I live in North London and for many years I have been the target of a series of State-sponsored activities, which include a campaign of organized vigilante harassment, threats, bullying, abuse, an organized campaign of systematic vilification and character assassination, a campaign of systematic interference, harassment and attacks with Direct Energy “non-lethal” Weapons. The aim is human experimentation, to try out constantly new and evolving techniques and technologies, to find out more about the working of the human mind with the exclusive purpose of controlling and manipulating people, communities, entire nations. With 90% of the world entire wealth owned by some 1000 families and with the US using and consuming 40% of the entire world's resources, it is understandable how the military-industrial complex of the US and its closest allies is obsessed with developing constantly new weapon systems, new methods of psychological warfare, new ways of controlling, manipulating and spying on everything which happens on the planet!..." (Paolo Fiora).

global protest - "For all of you on the other side of the Atlantic who would like to know what happened at the Trafalgar Square protest. I received a voice mail from Winston at about 2PM London time, saying that at that point there were 5 people present at the protest, but that they were expecting a few more to attend later. I believe that besides Winston, John Allman and Amanda Palmer were there, as Winston used Amanda's mobile to ring me and John told me of his intention to attend the night before. If people [took] any picture of the event and feel able to share them, I really look forward to seeing them. [Here's] a short message [Winston] sent me: "There were 8 of us in the end - we handed out flyers in Trafalgar square and outside the Old Bailey. It was good to meet other T.I.s. We are going to try to set up regular meetings of T.I.s in London." I may try to do something similar in London on the 24th at two very important events happening on the same day, the annual Anarchist Bookfair and a national Anti-War demo starting in Hyde Park, it will be actually very easy to leaflet there because there are already hundred of different people, leafleting on behalf of hundred different causes, I mean I will probably end up going there by myself, but I would certainly not mind if other London TIs were to decide to join me." (Reports From The Front - Oct. Global Protests)

Paolo Fiora, activist, targeted individual from United Kingdom, founder of LAACE or London Alliance Against Covert Human Experimentation, a UK group of targeted individuals and its supporter. LAACE members are against the non-consensual testing of Direct Energy Weapons on totally innocent citizens and Character Assassination and Vigilante Harassment to control and isolate the victims. Fiora studied Politics and Literature at University of Genova and lives in London, United Kingdom.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Eleanor White

"I NEVER have claimed to anyone, the show hosts included, that I am an "expert" in mind control. I am far from that, and most of what I know comes from other people who have helped me."

persistent tactics - "...In the spring of 2000, the sabotage level at my employer had reached the point where I was forced to resign, three years from qualifying for retirement. The sabotage level had become so severe that almost every machine I would repair, upgrade, or in some cases just install would be found inoperable the next morning. In some of these cases, the equipment was destroyed, and in other cases, sabotage was found and fixed. Programs I would write would malfunction either the next day, or sometimes the programs would refuse to work in spite of having other well qualified programmers check for errors and finding none. Clearly the operating system had been modified to recognize programs written by me and cause them to malfunction or refuse to run at all. In spite of clear cut evidence, the managers above me refused to even discuss the obvious sabotage. I had no choice but to resign because I was no longer contributing useful work in return for my salary. I found a couple of technical openings in my city of Hamilton, Ontario, and in those cases, the person hiring was very interested in my skill set and experience. However, inevitably, when I would check back a few days later, all of a sudden there was no opening. One of the more persistent tactics used by organized stalkers is to spread lies about the target. My impression was that the stalkers had ensured I would not be able to find another technical job. Needing to support myself, I took a job as a part-time security guard. I would have been glad to work full time as a guard but full time openings went to guards with seniority. So this was fine, a chance to learn how to live on very little. One thing the part time schedule did was give me lots of time off. At that time, I was living next to a huge, beautifully landscaped park, about a quarter mile wide and a half mile long. Many beautiful mature trees of many different species. Naturally, I took the opportunity to spend time there. While doing that I fell in love. With the approximately 200 squirrels who called this beautiful park home. I spent many hours hanging out with them, tossing them treats, and learning about their lifestyle. This continued for eight years, three working as a part time guard, and five fully retired. The first year was an animal lover's dream. These little folks were already partly tame, generations of them having been accustomed to human company. There were several other people who liked to hang out with the squirrels as well. I just couldn't get enough of the company of the squirrels. This turned to Hell in the second year. Organized stalking perpetrators carefully observe what the target enjoys, and will do all they can short of being highly visible, to destroy whatever that activity is. In this case, and this did NOT happen in the first year, almost every time I would sit down to enjoy the company of one of the squirrel colonies, someone would come along and do something to break it up..." (Organized Stalking Story Suggesting City Government Complicity)

e-weapons - "...Today's e-weapon guinea pigs are fundamentally different from the old-style institutional and child-abused MKULTRA victims in that the torturers NEVER need to come face to face with their victims. Tracking and telemetry have reached science fiction levels of efficiency, and I can tell you from 7 years' personal experience, those guys in adjacent apartments to mine can tell you the diameter of each nostril, even when I am sleeping in a sheet metal steel cocoon which even when the side door is open nearly blocks all AM and FM radio signals. So today's e-weapons victims zap and torture you thru the walls and floors, with silent weapons which can cause enough pain to force suicide and still leave not a single physical trace. The weapons don't even budge my very ferrous sheet steel cocoon, even while the spooks move objects (conductive and non-conductive) within the enclosure..." (Current Mind Control In America: What We Think Is Going On)

noises and slammed doors - "In 1980, I was living and working in Toronto, Ontario Canada, in my late 30s. I was contentedly single, and thought I had no enemies," said Miss White. Or so she thought, unaware that she was targeted and stalked. "Things started to just go wrong. My clothing seams started to give out very quickly, sometimes on nearly new items, and I tend to have less clothes but purchase high quality items for durability. Pockets in winter coats. Crotches and armpits. Often the crotches would develop a pattern of many small holes that looked like someone had been pushing a pencil through the cloth. Each time I picked up the clothing, the holes would get larger then merge into two large holes either side of the crotch center or seam. I wrote it off as 'poor quality goods these days.'" She then began to encounter men unknown to her who glared at her with hostile intentions, and unfriendly neighbors who played extremely loud radio noises, and slammed their doors. "Oh well, must have a screw loose," Eleanor said to herself. Unknown men buzzed her apartment for long periods of time, and very loud, but Eleanor refused to allow them into her apartment. These incidents kept on for two years until a recession hit in her town in 1982. To keep herself distracted from this weird situation, Eleanor took a fifteen month government-sponsored training program for computer programming and related skills. Needless to say, these incidents even followed her there. Whenever she would use a computer lab, her computer never seemed to work properly, while her 30 fellow classmates didn't have the same problem. Some of the computers were tied to a mainframe. At the end of each programming session, they all needed to print their work on a network printer to take home for "desk checking." Unlike her classmates, Eleanor's print jobs kept getting moved to the rear of the printing queue, meaning she had to wait from a half to a full hour longer than her classmates to leave. It was crystal clear to Eleanor White that someone was hacking into her print jobs. From 1980 and even after the year 2003 when she retired from her job as an engineer, the "organized stalkers" refused to show her any mercy, and continued. In 1996, Eleanor came in contact with other victims of "electronic harassment" and "organized stalking." Such covert operations and tactics are strikingly similar to the ones performed by secret law enforcement operations, primarily ones directed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I) and its infamous counterintelligence program, COINTELPRO, which was highly known for its harassments, illegal operations, and terroristic tactics against many civil rights activists, particularly the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in the 1960s. Eleanor White further defines "organized stalking" as "surveillance and harassment of a designated target by stalkers who are members of groups, which are networked throughout the industrialized nations of the world..." (Electronic Harassment)

Eleanor White, 66 (now probably in her 70s) year old, an activist and retired engineer. She been targeted since 1980 by electronically assisted citizen gang stalkers. She has been working to expose and stop these crimes since 1996 through activism. Eleanor was born in the United States, served in the U.S. military forces and now lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Eleanor has also been a ham radio operator since age 12, now holding call letters VE3LKE (Multistalkervictims).


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

James Walbert

physical trauma - "...All clinicians and physicians consulted by Mr. Walbert have confirmed the presence of RFID implants on his person through copious medical testing, including an MRI, toxicological testing, telemetric scope and frequency testing and more. These professionals in the fields of medicine and electronic harassment have confirmed the presence of physical trauma related to these implants as well as the locations of the implants themselves. Most notable of these professional assessments of Mr. Walbert are those by William Taylor, a recognized expert in the field of Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures (TSCM), Dr. Hildigard Staninger, industrial toxicologist, and Mr. Walbert’s MRI..." (Melinda Kidder).

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - "...At first sight, this looks like a paranoid fantasy. The chips that are currently in use, like those implanted in pets (facing page; see ‘Rover Come Home’) do not emit signals themselves and can only be read from about a metre away, using a special scann­er. Similar Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips are used for all sorts of commercial and industrial purposes, from tagging DVDs in the supermarket to pallets in a warehouse for stock control (FT206:14). Commercial devices for tracking individuals are much bigger. The tagging of offenders is becoming more sophisticated: a satellite tracking scheme to monitor the movements of violent offenders with mental health problems is currently being tested with psychiatric patients on leave from Bethlem Royal Hospital, a secure hospital in south-east London. Newspaper articles might imply that the system allows minders to gaze down on their charges from spy satellites, in line with Hollywood’s preferred way of depicting high-tech surveillance. In fact, the ankle tag works much more like a typical smart phone. It uses the satellite-based GPS system to establish its own location, and then contacts a central base via the mobile phone network and transmits this information. This way the location of the patient can be monitored continuously..." (A Game of Tag).

electronic harassment - "...The U.N. is also now taking the possibility of electromagnetic terrorism against people seriously. And for the first time this year’s European Symposium on Non-lethal Weapons included a session on the social implications of non-lethal weapons, with specific reference to “privacy-invasive remote interrogation and behavioral influence applications.” Those who believe they are being targeted are getting a bit of official recognition. For some, this opens up a new business opportunity. There are already quite a few companies out there offering “Technical Surveillance Counter Measures,” or sweeps to determine if you are the victim of electronic harassment. As well detecting the usual bugging devices, they can check if you are being covertly bombarded by microwaves which may be the cause of “headache, eye irritation, dizziness, nausea, skin rash, facial swelling, weakness, fatigue, pain in joints and/or muscles, buzzing/ringing in ears.” Much of this trade may come from people with symptoms caused by something less exotic than high-tech military hardware. But companies will no doubt be willing to sell them expensive protection measures, anyway. And as awareness of these developing technology projects increases, we are likely to be hearing a lot more about “electronic harassment,” “gang stalking” and the like over the next few years..." (Court to Defendant: Stop Blasting That Man’s Mind!)

James Walbert, American inventor, has been secretly implanted a few years ago, and because of complications after implanting the cochlear implant while he had been asleep for an unnormal amount of time, discovered several implants and went to court, won the law suit, but the harassment didn’t really stop. The reason is that the implants are remotely activated or activated even by his own nervous system. Here is the Doctor’s Letter, explaining the murderous damages of the implants (Targeted Individuals Europe).

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