"Anyone who nonconsensually violates your brain/mind/mentation using Mengele-like methods is a Nazi pig. You do not care what a Nazi pig thinks. You do not care about a Nazi pig's opinions. You do not respond to a Nazi pig ridiculing you, threatening you, trying to distract you, or otherwise trying to manipulate you. You work to get a Nazi pig hanged." - Allen Barker, NPT Theorem

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daniel Ellsberg

isolation - "...Manning is still being held absolutely unconscionably in what they call prevention of injury [inaudible] not necessary as far as the prison psychologist has said, which means being interrupted every five minutes to respond during the day, having no exercise in his cell for 23 hours a day. The rationale for that is pretty thin. His physical condition is deteriorating under that. He gets one hour a day to do figure eights in a closed office, essentially. And no sheet or pillow--after all, he might commit suicide with those. So in other words, they're using every method, I would say, short of waterboarding to break him down and get him to say, I would guess falsely, but false or true, accusations against Assange which will help them in their prosecution of Assange if they can get him. So it's torture, in a word. The isolation that he's been subjected to for the last seven months now has been--it's not obvious to a layman. We're so familiar with that being--people being subjected to that. We're not really aware, I think, of how many psychological studies have definitely identified that as torture...How do we know? They admit it, basically. They just say, oh, it's ordinary treatment for national security prisoners. How many national security prisoners they have at Quantico I'm just not sure. I've waited 40 years for a national security prisoner like this one to turn up who said, I'm willing to go to prison for life or even be executed because, he said, this was information the public needed to know, it should not be sequestered in some safe in DC. He said the public needed this to be a democracy and to change conditions that he understood to be atrocious, atrocities in Iraq, including turning over hundreds and hundreds, thousands, perhaps, of people to what we knew would be torture, and tortured considerably more than he's been subjected to. It was clearly illegal. WikiLeaks has revealed this, under Obama in 2009, that Obama's administration was clearly violating the law in neither stopping the torture of prisoners that we were turning over or investigating it. The WikiLeaks shows that the orders went out again and again and again: do not investigate further. That's an illegal order, plainly. It's our international obligation to investigate any credible allegation of torture. So, strictly speaking, Obama's own officials, or even he himself, is subject to questioning here about clear-cut violations of the law. That wasn't true with the Pentagon Papers, by the way. They were three years old at the time that they were released, the most recent of them. They didn't deal with the Nixon administration. There weren't any clear-cut criminal violations they revealed then in the way this is. So I can see why Obama is particularly sensitive about these releases..." (Daniel Ellsberg: We Need Whistleblowers to Stop Murder)

the war for the people- "The Quagmire Myth and the Stalemate Machine" is an award winning essay by Dr. Ellsberg which was published in 1970 for the M.I. T. Center for International Studies. His book, PAPERS ON THE WARS, was published by Simon and Schuster in July 1972. It may be of interest to our readers to learn that Daniel Ellsberg entered the Marine Corps approximately eight months after Hank Hohenstein (who assisted Manuel Klausner in interviewing Ellsberg) had enlisted. Though they had never served together, their training was very similar and both became infantry officers and served in infantry battalions. Their paths, though diverse, were entwined with the Department of Defense, since Hank remained very active in the Marine Corps Reserve until 1969. As late as 1968 he was privileged to attend various secret briefings when the credibility gap became too great to tolerate. As Hank states, "One did not have to read the newspaper nor be an especially astute tactician to understand that the military were not only deceiving the American people but even dedeiving themselves and that we were fighting a war we had lost militarily. But more importantly, because of our actions in Vietnam, we had lost the 'other war,' the war for the people." (Why I Did It!: An Interview with Daniel Ellsberg)

whistle-blowing - "...The mainstream media manages to ignore, to a degree that is, things that come out. They can claim, well, it’s not reliably sourced. Who knows? But they don’t follow it up. Somebody asked me earlier, “Did anybody consult with me about whistle-blowing?” Actually, there is one case. Sibel Edmonds is a very interesting case. And she was the — you may remember — was the FBI translator who was fired for what later an investigation said was essentially because she was a whistle-blower and because she was telling the truth and what she said was the truth. And yet she’s known as the most gagged person in America, the ACLU case that went up to the Supreme Court, because they kept using, in an unprecedented way, the State Secrets Privilege to keep her from testifying in court, testifying in open testimony, and so forth..." (Daniel Ellsberg - More Dangerous Than Julian Assange?)

Daniel Ellsberg, Ph.D. (born April 7, 1931) is a former United States military analyst who, while employed by the RAND Corporation, precipitated a national political controversy in 1971 when he released the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret Pentagon study of U.S. government decision-making in relation to the Vietnam War, to The New York Times and other newspapers. He was awarded the Right Livelihood Award in 2006. On December 9, 2010, Ellsberg appeared on the Colbert Report where he commented that the existence of WikiLeaks helps to build a better government. On March 21, 2011, Ellsberg along with 35 other demonstrators was arrested during a demonstration outside the Marine Corps Base Quantico, in protest of Manning's current detention at Marine Corps Brig, Quantico (Wikepedia).


Monday, June 27, 2011

James Rink

used for training and torture - "...the Ultra MK Universal Super Soldier program is the creation of a perfect fighting machine one who acts without questioning their command, brainwashed, enhanced with drugs, metal bones, and circuitry they are the real terminator. Originally 6,000 promising individuals were chosen from project Talent to become super soldiers. They were then placed into different six groups such as alpha dealing with general programming, beta or sexual programming, gamma or conintellpro, delta which are killers, and omega and so on. Only 20 living subjects survived from original group. It was there DNA that was chosen to create future generations of super soldiers within project surrogate. Today there are currently 400 super solider operatives in existence, they are so advanced they can lift a tank using telekinesis and can go into outer space without a breathing mask on. Each super soldier operative costs $30 to $100 million each. Total recall chair is the brainwashing trip chair. Long term and short term memories are switched around so that the person will have no clue what he or she was doing. Also used for training and torture. Each trip chair costs $17 to $30 million dollars and made from gold and platinum. Milabs stands for military abductions. Military abductions are performed on gifted psychics that are targeted by Project Talent. Those conducting the Milabs are often milabed themselves and have no idea they are leading a double life..." (Ultra Mk Universal Super Soldier Program).

neurological manipulation - It is always remotely possible that the government is abducting non-abductees at random for reasons that are unknown. But, most military-style abductions victims are also victims of alien abductions. Thus, the government would have to be working with selected "true" abductees thus making it in league with the extraterrestrials. Also, if the government had its own abduction agenda complete with an enormously sophisticated program of neurological manipulation from afar, one would expect that it would be using this knowledge in a variety of military and civilian ways -- convincing political opponents to do one's bidding, forcing international antagonists to cooperate with the United Nations, and so forth. To control the mind is to control the world. (The government admitted that it experimented with the military use of remote viewing. But remote viewing is extremely primitive when compared with the aliens' enormously advanced and sophisticated neurological abilities.) There is no evidence that the exceptionally useful neurological manipulation so common in alien abduction procedures, has ever been used by the United States in any situation for any purpose (Thinking Clearly About the Abduction Phenomenon).

mind control and abductions - There are MILAB abductees who do not experience the alien element, but claim to be under mind control conducted by secret human agencies such as the CIA, NSA and Illuminati. Some secret projects have been identified as those of the149 sub-projects under MK-Ultra. Then there are mind control "survivors" who have been grafted into some of these secret projects (i.e., Monarch, Phoenix Project) because of a high psychic ability, family history of occult involvement such as advanced level witchcraft, Satanism, or are of an "Illuminati bloodline". As you can see, this field of mind control and abductions is complex because there are different types of abductions and victims of mind control. In Ufology, you will hear reports of positive extraterrestrial encounters, where the abduction element is absent. Some persons report benevolent ET contacts or encounters where the aliens are perceived as neutral. Such persons believe that they are not victims of abductions or mind control and consider the negative alien abduction hypothesis as offensive (Identifying Mind Control and Abductions).

- "I am a alien contactee and have had contact with the Council of Light. The council of light are a group of benevolent extraterrestrials such as greys and Pleaidians who are working to free humanity from its slavery. I would like to meet other light workers who have had contact with this council or who are interesting in bringing about the golden age of peace on this planet. I have also dealt with some of the more sinister forces within the (MIC) military industrial complex of the the United States Federal government. I have had experience with deprogramming victims of mind control, and I have had experience of being a victim of government mind control. These experiments are taking place on unwitting citizens in this nation using technology gathered from an unconstitutional joint alliance between the government and various extraterrestrial factions. The ones responsible for such actions are purely Satanic. They are in full control of the NSA, CIA, and the highest offices of this land. There goal is to create a one world government with mind controlled slaves and clones, using technology which remains classified under the guise of the National Security Act. However there is a resistance forming. There are many individuals within these intelligence agencies who seek change. Our planet is dying and we are facing a crossroads, do we seek the light of truth or seduction of duality. Because of what I know the government and the MIB have tried to intimidate me. My story details the events surrounding my ordeal...." (James Rink).


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mark M. Rich

unresolved collective-insanity - "...Your life has changed drastically. You will never look at people, or the American flag the same way again. You are directly experiencing a result of the primitive, unresolved collective-insanity, that you have heard of other historical figures running into. By now you have probably concluded that this is the same entity that has killed people who have recognized & resisted it throughout history. Its name changes from place to place, & from time to time. It expresses itself in different ways. But it is always the same; it is large & powerful & has the minds of most people. You are face to face with it in the form of Organized Stalking. It has focused its attention on you & it will not stop. At this point it doesn’t matter when or why it started, or what the name of the group or agency is. It would have happened anyway. You will end up jobless & Mobbed out of work. You may end up in jail or dead. You will loose friends & family. You may end up homeless, possibly living from shelter to shelter. And you will be persecuted the whole time. I am personally not very religious, but I know evil when I see it. You are in a fight for your life against people being used by Satan. There is no more accurate way to put this. It is necessary that you document your case & survive as long as you can, to provide testimony to anyone with eyes & ears. You are not alone..." (Mark’s letter to Targeted Individuals).

to torture & murder - It is a satanic & psychopathic mind: These people are psychopaths. They like to have power over everyone. They demand that all people submit to them. If their system (which among other things is a detection mechanism) identifies a person or group that doesn't yield, then these individuals are attacked viciously. Their entertainment includes having agencies within their "system" detect people on the local level, & then using technology & institutions in the system to torture & murder them. If you want to know what specific families & organizations they are, look at the membership lists of the Order of Skull & Bones, the Bohemian Grove, & the Bilderberg Group. After considering these factors (& others if you are aware of how the system works), then what you may arrive at is simply this--one mind is using technology to attack another mind. There is another psychological factor here too. It's the intended potentially devastating effect of having to consider that a colossal entity is attacking you. The "show of force" is a psychological attack intended to crush your spirit & get you to submit.(4) It is a military tactic (The War Against Me).

controlled like puppets - "...the Bilderbergers are philosophically neither Republican nor Democrat, declared Professor Marrs. "Their only 'party' is filthy lucre. ... Money, in turn, brings them power, and these folks have a never satisfied appetite for raw power." Apparently Gorbachev was influenced by the Bilderbergers and talked about a global union during a speaking tour in the United States. "Gorbachev's speeches could have been dictated by Kissinger after being drafted by Rockefeller ... as content was concerned," charged Tucker. "Gorbachev held out the Bilderberg-Trilateral vision of a UN military force that could invade once-sovereign nations to enforce 'human rights.'" "The New World Order means a new kind of civilization," Gorbachev told the Chicago CFR on May 8, 1991. Regarding how President Clinton pushed the Bilderberger objective in 1999, Tucker wrote, "It appeared in daily newspapers for all to read, but too many sleep. The developments were celebrated by The Washington Post's Bilderberg representative Jimmy Lee Hoagland in a column on June 27, 1999 ... [When he proclaimed], 'The president promises a future in which Americans stand ready to intervene militarily if they can stop wholesale racial or ethnic slaughter "within or beyond other nations' borders" ... He promises a new world order.'" The first American woman to attend a Bilderberg meeting was Hilary Clinton in 1997. Author Marrs senses they may have plans for her in the following years...Presidents and prime ministers are selected by the Bilderbergers and controlled like puppets. Bilderberg meetings are guarded by the military, SWAT teams, local police and private security firms. Like the CFR, their policy is passed without public approval. Their goal is to create a world government under their control, which will have the illusion of freedom. Their motives for establishing a global dictatorship using a fake democracy will be expanded upon when we examine a future chapter on psychopathy. Most are unaware of their existence due to a media blackout. Despite attending Bilderberg meetings, mainstream media owners have reported little on this group for over fifty years (The Bilderbergers).

corporate-fascist dictatorship - "Mark M. Rich or someone pretending to be him is alive and well....So this site will also serve as a record. It will be a testimony for anyone who wants to learn the truth about how the streets of the NATO nations were taken over by multi-national corporations, that used federally sponsored harassment groups to Gang Stalk their opposition, in order to pave the way for a corporate-fascist dictatorship. Mark has come to some of the same conclusions that I have in regards to the fact that Gang Stalkers are Civilian Informants as he calls them. I like to think of them as Snitches or Civilian Spies, but it's almost all the same thing, we are getting followed around and destroyed no matter what you call them. He has come to the conclusion that it might not be just a subset of society, but "sub-culture within society, but that it literally permeates all aspects of it", yeah the only thing we differ in here is that I would say that this is how society is. This is how society has been for some time now, if not always. Based on some things that I have seen and experienced, which I will discuss in another post. I don't think that exposing this is the main problem. The snitches know that they are snitches, and like a cult or sorority are bound to this code of silence for so many reason. Anyways, there is so much that I have to blog about, so I will summarize Mark's site in brief, but really go to the site and read it, he has put a lot of work into it. He says that the citizen informants are part of a the global one world government thing. A lot of the Gang Stalking stuff is exactly like what they did in Stasi Germany. This is how societies in the past turned evil, and that we are heading there again, if this is not exposed or stopped..." (The Hidden Evil).


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Julianne McKinney

holocaust - Investigative journalist Greg Syzmanski comments that "after an extensive career in US Army Intelligence as an area intelligence officer, on return to civilian life Julianne McKinney became a member of the Association of National Security Alumni, an organization of former intelligence officers dedicated to exposing escesses by the US intelligence services. Appointed as director of the electronic surveillance project, in 1991 Julianne authored the publication "Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation", still recognized today as one of the most authoritative documents on the subject. Within the interview, Julianne McKinney makes the frightening observation that the ultimate objective may be "to control and correograph those who are involved in these harassment operations on the dispensing end. And it would appear that those being targeted are simply objects, whom I see as ultimately being disposable. In other words, I think that once full control is established over a major percentage of the population, and enough of the pouplation is silenced and unwilling to stick their necks out, we would inevitably be heading towards a HOLOCAUST." (Julianne McKinney on Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation -- Greg Syzmanski interview).

mind-control experimentationThe August-September 1991 issue of UNCLASSIFIED reviewed Hamline University's "Public Administration" report on the resolution of MKULTRA cases in 1988. Although the shocking details of medical ethics abuses by the U.S. and Canadian governments were amply detailed, Washington and Ottawa -- citing national security and government privilege -- stalled for so long that cases never came to trial. the surviving victims settled for a pittance in an out-of-court settlement. Since no individuals or agencies were held legally accountable, the door was left open for possible resumption of similar "mind-control" activities. In the context of that article, we mentioned briefly that some half-dozen people had contacted us with appeals for assistance in ending what they believe to be electronic harassment and mind-control experimentation, possibly involving the CIA. We decided to take a closer look at the situation. We are now in touch with approximately a dozen individuals throughout the United States who appear to be targets of harassment and mind-control experimentation involving directed-energy technologies. [By mid-November 1992, the number had increased to 25.] Typically, persons who complain of being "zapped by radio waves" and of "hearing voices" are stigmatized as psychotic, delusional or schizophrenic. Being mindful of this, as well as aware of the treatment accorded UFO and psychic phenomena "freaks," we approach this subject with a high degree of caution. Based on our preliminary investigation, including interviews with the affected individuals, we conclude that the matter is serious and should be pursued further (Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation).

letter to the president - "...As to DoD's claims regarding their lack of involvement in involuntary human experimentation, you might want to read DoD Directive 5240. l-R ("Procedures Governing the Activities of DoD Intelligence Components that Affect United States Persons"). According to this regulation, persons who qualify as "targets of surveillance" become fair game for the testing of all forms of communications and "non-communications" frequencies. Radar is identified in this regulation as a "non-communications" frequency. (Radar is also now being touted as a "non-lethal" asset.) Also according to this regulation, signals testing and experimentation in "targets of surveillance" may involve the joint participation of the Central Intelligence Agency. I am bringing this to your attention because these recurrent attempts would appear to belie the officially-benign position taken by the Department of Defense regarding involuntary human experimentation. Indeed, I am being given the distinct impression that U.S. citizens who push for investigations into these experiments face a future on a morgue slab. This is not my idea of how a democracy should operate. Perhaps I am mistaken..." (Julianne McKinney's Letter to President Clinton and His Reply).

the current 'Julianne McKinney'? - Anyone who observes the attitude of the 'Julianne McKinney' on the multistalk forum will undoubtedly see how inappropriate this person acts towards most of those who come on there claiming to be targets of gang-stalking. In considering what the real intent is of this person and this forum, it soon becomes obvious that this 'Julianne McKinney' is there to identify and monitor real targets of government initiated gang-stalking operations. Although a person named Julianne McKinney may have released information on mind-control and electronic harassment, that may have been part of a carefully planned, longer-term operation against the public. Or, the real Julianne McKinney may have been disposed of in the same manner as many other government whistle-blowers have been in the past, and her identity was stolen to give some other loyal NSA scumbag a seemingly credible front for identifying and monitoring people who believe they are being gang-stalked. It's often been said by those who would know, that when you join an organization such as the NSA, you can never really leave. There is too much of a possibility of exposing secrets. The NSA has a long and growing record of permanently disposing of those who try to separate themselves from that extremely corrupt organization (Minions of the New World Order ).


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Darrim Daoud

killed violently - Mr. Daoud's death follows his leadership of political demonstration that I attended on 14 October (2009), and prevents his leadership of a follow-up demonstration on the same issue that is planned for 10 December, Human Rights Day. The last death threat known to us was made on 14 October, when Mr. Daoud was on the train home from the first demonstration he led, the only one he will now ever lead, as it now turns out. In the light of these facts, the decision of British Transport Police, that Mr. Daoud's violent death, when aged only 34, is "non-suspicious," therefore strikes the trustees of this charity as ill-informed and mistaken.

Darrim Daoud was found dead on November 15 2009. One month earlier he had emailed the other UK TIs to organize them for the 14 October London TI demonstration at Trafalgar Square. He had emailed us and above is the photo of the placard he had designed for the 14th October 2009World Day protest against DEWs. He received death threats and did not show up for the protest, and no TI made a placard eventually. Here is Darrim's email to organize the world day protest for London, which would have been a success if Darrim had not received death threats: "You are invited to attend a protest in Trafalgar Square London from 1PM on Wednesday 14th October. Feel free to get there earlier if you wish. Attached as JPEG documents are two images stating 'Stop Directed Energy Weapons Torture' and 'Stop Organised Stalking'. The attachments of the two images are in sizes A3, A2 and A1. You can use these images to make your placard (or you could design your own placard). If you use these images it is suggested that you choose a size you are comfortable with (the bigger the better) and get them printed on thick card at a print shop. You could have the two different images on seperate pieces of card to be on each side of the placard. You can nail the card to a piece of timber to make your placard. I am bringing music to play. It is suggested that you bring anything you like to draw attention to this action - be creative. I look forward to seeing you at the protest, and may justice prevail for all the victims. Best Wishes, Darrim Daoud (Beulah Baruch Ministries).

organised activist - Amanda Palmer: "I have some bad news about a UK TI. I am not sure if you remember a guy writing on the Forum called Winston Smith. Winston was actually called Darrim Daoud. John and I went to see him recently as he wanted to organise the UK Global Protest himself. What we saw was a lovely young man, who was an incredibly organised activist he had a wonderful personality, very down to earth and he did not have a paranoid or suspicious bone in his body. Darrim was in his early thirties of mixed race, English and Iranian, he was angry at being harassed but kept it in perspective, and of course asked the same questions as we do which is "why him?" so he was EH as well as organised stalked, he had what I had, no voices, and the locality of people decided to harass him as in car and property damage. All of course upsetting. This of course put him into the English psychiatric system. He tried to tell his family what was happening and of course it was all denied and that he was imagining it.

On the 14th of October we had a successful protest and he was due to join us at Speakers Corner the following Sunday on the 18th. Apparently he was threatened by his perps on his journey back home. Now they must have frightened him as he did a no show and we were concerned for him. so in between we had a few emails until we heard the following from another TI. His Facebook account started to have "obituary" comments left on it. So from the 16th of November it was clear that he had died. To confirm we rang around and eventually got his dad. He will not tell us how he died and we are waiting to hear from his friends who might tell us more. I am gutted that he is dead. John is as well. A totally honest individual, who was determined to "expose" this stuff and he had some great ideas to to do this. An activist already against the Aufghanistan and Iranian wars. So this might well have been why he was a target. Anyway cannot tell you anymore until we do have more information, but John and I might be able to see his dad to give our understanding of what his son was going through. I am dreading to hear what the perps might have done to him accounting for the reason as to why he died. When we met and emailed he seemed upbeat considering and was not at all suicidal. So what happened? Many of his facebook peers are asking the same thing. If I know any more we will let you know of course. Darrim did a really good questionaire recently which was the best one so far." (Darrim Daoud (T.I.) Suicides and Passes Away (17 Nov 2009))

Darrim Daoud is the first well known TI, in the TI community, killed at 34, because he was a popular and attractive activist with leader qualities to organize the derelict and dispersed UK TI community.Nobody helps the UK Targeted Individuals. I questioned the UK authorities about their torture on www.whatdotheyknow.com , type my name in their FOI search box: Joanna Iatridou and shows 80 queries so far. I blogged about my 2010 research on TIs in www.howbizarre2010.blogspot.com. But now it is 2011, Darrim Daoud's inquest is not yet publicized and the UK TIs tend to get incapacitated and "disappear" from the activism and social media scene. I would like to make this a blog with several TI writers and restart meetings with the other TIs. Unless I get vital organ failure and end up crippled like many of the "not seen lately" other UK TIs (UK Targeted Individuals Activism & Safety Watch).

Darrim Daoud: Facial burn recieved from directed energy weapons. I have also been prevented from having any sleep for 133 hours so far. (Uploaded by MrLanercost on Nov 13, 2009)

This shows the injuries sustained by a victim of directed energy weapons torture. During the night his skin was seriously burnt with these weapons. His tendons were also damaged causing his hand to be permanently disfigured as can be seen in the video. The victim is from the UK (Uploaded by MrLanercost on Oct 15, 2009).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jan Kemp

raw material - "Now, you talk about [how] these kids are not taught in high school. They aren't. We try to teach them here, but there is no way to do it. The majority of these kids are black that are coming in, and it kind of rips in at me at the insides, and I take it very, very personal. I know for a fact that these kids would not be here if it were not for their utility to the institution. There is no real sound academic reason for their being here other than to be utilized to produce income. They are used as a kind of raw material in the production of some goods to be sold...and they get nothing in return...." (This Case Was One For The Books).

she shed light - For everyone who cares about maintaining education's fundamental role within the pseudo-professional world of college athletics, Kemp is a hero. For every athlete who has been helped toward a degree by enhanced academic support, Kemp is a hero. And for everyone who ever stood on principle in the face of institutional backlash, Kemp is a hero. Before she shed light in the early 1980s on Georgia's preferential treatment for academically unprepared athletes (including grade changes in remedial courses), there was no such thing as national academic standards for freshman eligibility. There were no academic reporting forms documenting what kind of students schools were bringing in to play sports, or how many graduated, or how many maintained satisfactory progress toward a degree. There were no major financial commitments to helping jocks succeed in the classroom -- no state-of-the-art academic centers, and very few fully funded academic support staffs. If schools didn't care whether their athletes got an education, nobody was there to call them on it. Until Kemp did (Heroism of Jan Kemp changed face of college football).

travails - Although Dr. Kemp was ultimately vindicated, she said she suffered emotional turmoil from the dispute and twice attempted suicide in 1982. Notwithstanding her travails, she made her point. “All over the country, athletes are used to produce revenue,” she told The New York Times a month after the trial. “I’ve seen what happens when the lights dim and the crowd fades. They’re left with nothing. I want that stopped.” (Jan Kemp Dies at 59; Exposed Fraud in Grades of Players).

Jan Kemp (1949 - December 4, 2008) was an American academic and English tutor who exposed the bias in passing college football players and filed a lawsuit against the University of Georgia. Born in Griffin, Georgia, Kemp earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a doctorate in English education. She began teaching at the University of Georgia in 1978. In 1981 Kemp was one of the teachers who complained claiming that Georgia officials had intervened allowing nine college football players to pass a remedial English course, allowing them to play against Pittsburgh in the Sugar Bowl. Kemp was demoted in 1982 and dismissed one year later. She then filed a lawsuit claiming she had been fired due to her complaints about the passing of players. During the time after she was dismissed Kemp tried to commit suicide twice. The University defended its actions saying that Kemp was dismissed for "disruptive conduct and for failure to conduct adequate scholarly research." The jury found the University guilty for the illegal dismissal of Dr. Kemp and she was awarded $2.5 Million, which was later reduced to $1.08 Million. Kemp was reinstated and University President Dr. Fred C. Davison resigned. After the trial Kemp spoke to The New York Times, saying, “All over the country, athletes are used to produce revenue. I’ve seen what happens when the lights dim and the crowd fades. They’re left with nothing. I want that stopped." Kemp retired from teaching in 1990 and was named a hero of the 1980's by People magazine. Kemp died on December 4, 2008, at the age of 59. Her son stated that she had died from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. She is survived by her son and daughter (Wikepedia).


Friday, June 17, 2011

Frank Wills

huge discovery - If you’ve heard the name Frank Wills in a movie, it’s because his name was made famous through the infamous Watergate scandal of the 1970’s. Wills was working as a private security guard at the Watergate Office building in 1972 when he noticed a piece of duct tape on a door lock while making his usual rounds. After taking it off, he went about his business, only to find that one of the burglars had replaced the tape over a lock. Wills could’ve ignored it, but instead, he called the police, which led to the arrest of five men in the biggest Washington scandal in history. Because of his instinct, President Richard Nixon resigned and several administrators in the White House were indicted and convicted. After his exposure, the life of Frank Wills changed was changed forever. He quit his job as a security guard when he didn’t receive a raise for his huge discovery, which led to high-profile experiences in music and movies. In a Hollywood replay of the Watergate scandal, Wills would play his own part, particularly in “All the President’s Men,” nominated for eight Academy Awards. The song, “The Ballad of Frank Wills,” was written by Ron Turner in his honor. There would be other songs dedicated to him, and he would go on to work for Dick Gregory, live for some time in the Bahamas and appear on talk shows. But eventually, it all came crashing down after he was unable to hold down a job (Little Know Black History Facts: Frank Wills).

racial profiling - Wills found it hard to get a job after Watergate. One Washington area university told Wills they were afraid to hire him for fear their federal funds might be cut. Frank Wills moved back to his home state of Georgia after his mother suffered a stroke. They lived together on her $450 monthly Social Security check. Richard Nixon’s face is on a postage stamp. He and his fellow war criminal Henry Kissinger made millions of dollars off their memoirs. President Nixon’s partner in crime, Vice- President Spiro Agnew, got three years' probation for evading taxes on bribes filched from highway contractors. Frank Wills was sentenced to a year in jail in 1983 for allegedly trying to shoplift a $12 pair of sneakers. A victim of racial profiling, Wills wasn’t arrested while leaving the store. He was nabbed just for putting the shoes in his bag. He'd wanted to surprise a friend with his gift at the check-out counter (Frank Wills ‘blew the whistle’ on Watergate).

honorable - Without Wills's devotion to his job, there would have been no arrest of five men inside the sixth-floor offices of the Democratic National Committee in the early morning hours of June 17, 1972. It was Wills, a 24-year-old, African American, $80-a-week security guard who spotted masking tape on a door between a stairwell and a parking garage. He thought a cleaning crew might have taped over the door latch to keep it from locking, so he removed it. When he returned to the scene and saw new tape, Wills promptly called the police. Were it not for Wills's suspicion of a break-in and his decisive action, the world most likely would never have heard the names E. Howard Hunt or G. Gordon Liddy. There would have been no "Deep Throat" and no "All the President's Men" by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. There would have been no Pulitzer Prize for The Post, no image of a disgraced President Nixon waving goodbye before liftoff on Aug. 9, 1974, no President Gerald Ford, Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, and probably no President Jimmy Carter to sweep into office on the heels of the 20th century's greatest Washington political meltdown. But in all the stories written in The Post after Felt's admission, Wills did not get so much as an honorable mention. It was pretty much the same way when he died of a brain tumor five years ago in an Augusta, Ga., hospital. Wills was penniless, unable to afford electricity or water and living alone in a shabby house his mother left when she died in 1993, according to an Oct. 1, 2000, Post story. The Democratic Party had recognized him with an award. So had the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. And he was given a role in the movie "All the President's Men," playing himself. But his fame quickly faded, even as most of the other white-collar Watergate elite -- crooks and journalists alike -- eventually went on to bigger and better things (Courage and Cowardice).

Frank Wills (February 4, 1948 – September 27, 2000) was the security guard who discovered the truth about the Watergate Scandal break-in that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Frank Wills was born in North Augusta, South Carolina. In June 1972, Wills was working as a private security guard at the Watergate office building, the location of the Democratic National Committee headquarters. On the night of June 17, he noticed a piece of duct tape on one of the door locks when he was making his rounds. He removed it, and continued on his patrol. One of the five burglars — Frank Sturgis, Virgilio González, Eugenio Martínez, Bernard Barker and James W. McCord, Jr. — noticed that the tape had been removed, and replaced it with another piece of tape on the door (the tape was placed over the latch bolt to prevent the door from latching). When Mr. Wills returned, he saw that the tape had been replaced and called in the police. The five men were found in the building and arrested. This triggered the chain of events which exposed the Watergate scandal and eventually led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon (Wikepedia).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nelson Mandela

unspeakable atrocities - "It is a tragedy, what is happening, what Bush is doing. But Bush is now undermining the United Nations," Mandela told the International Women's Forum. Mandela said he would support action against Iraq only if it is ordered by the U.N. He urged the people of the United States to join massive protests against Mr. Bush and called on world leaders, especially those with vetoes in the U.N. Security Council, to oppose him. "What I am condemning is that one power, with a president who has no foresight, who cannot think properly, is now wanting to plunge the world into a holocaust." And that wasn't all. He attacked America for its record on human rights and for dropping atomic bombs on Japan World War II. "If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don't care." That brought an unusually subdued reaction from the White House (Mandela Slams Bush On Iraq).

not a direct threat - "...No, it is not a direct threat to the Europeans. We are not ant-white, we are against white supremacy and in struggling against white supremacy we have the support of some sections of the European population and we have made this clear from time to time. As a matter of fact, in the letter we wrote to the then Prime Minister of the country, Dr Malan, before we launched the Defiance Campaign, we said that the campaign we were about to launch was not directed against any racial group. It was a campaign which was directed against laws which we considered unjust, and time without number the ANC has explained this . . . It is quite clear that the Congress has consistently preached a policy of race harmony and we have condemned racialism no matter by whom it is professed..." (Nelson Mandela's Testimony at the Treason Trial 1956-60).

joyous memory - It's true that Mr. Mulroney and Mr. Mandela remained on good terms and the prime minister contributed to special funds that Mr. Mandela needed. Mr. Mulroney will always be able to claim that he played a greater role than most other Western leaders in the ending of apartheid. But it was far from the contribution he might have made. Besides the insult to Mr. Tambo and Joe Clark's double standard about the use of violence, Nelson Mandela's people never forgot that when their arch-enemy Mangothusu Buthelezi came to Ottawa in 1992, Mr. Mulroney was only too happy to agree to a smiling photo-op with him. This at a time when Mr. Buthelezi was colluding with the apartheid government in a ferocious and deadly battle against Mr. Mandela and the ANC. Equally troubling is the number of Canadian business-people who suddenly discovered, after Mr. Mandela's release, their anti-apartheid bona fides and craved nothing more than a photo with the great man. In fact, the vast proportion of our business community had been either complicit or indifferent to apartheid. Some blithely invested in South Africa, many condemned the ANC as violent Marxists, many were simply oblivious to the issue, while some actually embraced black South African stooges who were conspiring with the dying white government against the ANC. It was Canadian civil society that played a heroic role in the struggle against apartheid. The Canadian anti-apartheid coalition –solidarity groups, NGOs, trade unions, churches, South African exiles – was one of the great international movements in our country's history. Tens of thousands Canadians were involved, and it is they who can take most satisfaction at the joyous memory, exactly twenty years ago, of watching Nelson Mandela walk free from his prison (Canada and Mandela: the story behind the myth).

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (Xhosa pronunciation; born 18 July 1918) served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, and was the first South African president to be elected in a fully representative democratic election. Before his presidency, Mandela was an anti-apartheid activist, and the leader of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC). In 1962 he was arrested and convicted of sabotage and other charges, and sentenced to life in prison. Mandela served 27 years in prison, spending many of these years on Robben Island. Following his release from prison on 11 February 1990, Mandela led his party in the negotiations that led to multi-racial democracy in 1994. As president from 1994 to 1999, he frequently gave priority to reconciliation. In South Africa, Mandela is often known as Madiba, his Xhosa clan name; or as tata (Xhosa: father).[2] Mandela has received more than 250 awards over four decades, including the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize (Wikepedia).


Monday, June 13, 2011

Pierre Elliot Trudeau

beautiful person - "Did you find him to be a beautiful person?" Lennon was asked. "I think he is," the Beatle replied. Lennon talked at length about the Mosport Peace Festival which he is organizing, and said he was sure it would be a beautiful happening. Lennon said Mr. Trudeau was the first political leader he had met for such a talk. A meeting with Harold Wilson was only to pose for photographs. "Peace to you," he said to the gathered newsmen as he headed for Mr. Munro's office at Tunney's Pasture (PM -- 'a beautiful person').

he was bad - During the Trudeau years in power - April 20, 1968, to June 4, 1979, and March 3, 1980, to June 30, 1984 - the United States had five presidents: Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Duke University historian John Herd Thompson, a fierce critic of Trudeau, acknowledges: "Could there have been a single Canadian who did not reflect with pride at some time during those years that Canada had chosen a better man?" There was no doubt about his style. He slid down banisters, did backflips off diving boards and sat on a rock nibbling reindeer meat in Lapland. He dated Barbra Streisand, Margot Kidder and Liona Boyd. In the House of Commons, he told an opposition MP to "f--- off," in Ottawa he advised protesting strikers "Mangez la merde," and he hoisted a middle finger at demonstrators in Salmon Arm, B.C. He was bad (Trudeau, 30 Years Later).

cultural nationalism - Mr. Trudeau was propelled into power in June 1968 by an enthusiastic electoral surge that came to be known as Trudeaumania, a political equivalent of the paroxysms evoked by the Beatles. During his time in office, he determined the substance and tone of the evolving debate that came to define Canada as a modern nation. Long after he left office, Canadian politics were still being pursued within the national agenda he had shaped. Mr. Trudeau supervised the process by which Canada replaced its ties to Britain with a constitution of its own. He fostered economic and cultural nationalism that often put him and his country at odds with the leadership of Canada's neighbor. While firm in promoting a unified Canada, he was also sensitive to the needs of the mostly French-speaking Quebec. Mr. Trudeau saw to it that the role of the French language was reinforced when the entire country was made officially bilingual in 1984 (Pierre Trudeau Is Dead at 80; Dashing Fighter for Canada).

Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau, CC, CH, PC, QC, FSRC (October 18, 1919 – September 28, 2000), usually known as Pierre Trudeau or Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada from 20 April 1968 to 4 June 1979, and again from 3 March 1980 to 30 June 1984. Trudeau began his political career campaigning for socialist ideals, but he eventually joined the Liberal Party of Canada when he entered federal politics in the 1960s. He was appointed as Lester Pearson's Parliamentary Secretary, and later became his Minister of Justice. From his base in Montreal, Trudeau took control of the Liberal Party and became a charismatic leader, inspiring "Trudeaumania". From the late 1960s until the mid-1980s, he dominated the Canadian political scene and aroused passionate reactions. "Reason before passion" was his personal motto. He retired from politics in 1984, and John Turner succeeded him as Prime Minister. Admirers praise the force of Trudeau's intellect and they salute his political acumen in preserving national unity against Quebec separatists, suppressing a violent revolt, and establishing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms within Canada's constitution. His detractors accuse him of arrogance, economic mismanagement, and unduly favouring the authority of the federal government in relation to the provinces, especially in trying to control the oil wealth of the Prairies. (Wikepedia).

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