"Anyone who nonconsensually violates your brain/mind/mentation using Mengele-like methods is a Nazi pig. You do not care what a Nazi pig thinks. You do not care about a Nazi pig's opinions. You do not respond to a Nazi pig ridiculing you, threatening you, trying to distract you, or otherwise trying to manipulate you. You work to get a Nazi pig hanged." - Allen Barker, NPT Theorem

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Target Tracking and Prediction

complex locomotion system - "...The vision and sensor fusion techniques described in the previous chapters provide a measurement of target locations for each image frame. In its raw form, this information is of limited use for camera control because it is imprecise due to measurement noise; it may include false-positive detections of people; and it provides no association between new measurements and previous target locations. This makes it difficult to develop smooth camera control motions from the raw measurements. In addition, the data is in polar coordinates which complicates the task of associating the data with other sensors or devices in the room that may not share the same coordinate system. For these reasons, target measurements are converted to a global Cartesian coordinate system, associated with previously tracked targets, and used to update a filter/state estimator for each target track...Since the face is attached to the rest of the human body, its dynamics are directly related to those of the body. Head movements may be thought of as zero-mean random fluctuations with respect to the body position, so the same state model used for tracking the entire body has also been used for tracking head position. A human being has a complex locomotion system, which poses serious challenges in modeling. Rather than analyzing properties of the human gait, one may assume a drastically simplified model of the target as a mass under the influence of two forces: average leg force and friction. Leg force is used to push the body into motion, and friction comes from the inefficiency of the human body maintaining this motion. Intra-stride dynamics and rotation of the body, assuming that the body may move in any direction, are constrained only by leg force and inertia..." (Target Tracking)

the barn owl - "...Neurobiology research provides evidence that a cellular spatial representation is useful for fusing multimodal sensor information. The neural audio-visual processing mechanisms used by the barn owl, for example, have been extensively mapped by biologists. As explained by Knudsen, auditory and visual information in the barn owl (and many other animals) converges at the optic tectum, where a receptive field of spatially distributed neurons responds to stimuli on the basis of the direction to corresponding sources. This structure can easily associate acoustic events with corresponding visual targets due to the proximity of vision and sound signals in the neural array. Knudsen, du Lac, and Esterly [3] describe this neural topography as a "computational map" that provides a direct representation for spatial information. A cellular map efficates fusion of multiple sensor modalities, and can efficiently cross-reference target sensation to appropriate motor actions for directional perception and pursuit behaviors..." (Multimedia Sensor Fusion for Intelligent Camera Control and Human-Computer Interaction)

genetic algorithm (GA) for data association - "...In this paper, we investigate an approach based on multiple models to track maneuvering and nonmaneuvering targets, which overcome the above problems by using a genetic algorithm (GA) for data association. The choice for using multiple models is dictated by the fact that using a single model does not permit the tracking of maneuvering and nonmaneuvering targets simultaneously. GA is widely used to solve complex optimization problems in spite of the fact that there is no guarantee of obtaining the optimal solution. But, it does provide a set of potential solutions in the process of finding the best solution...In the literature, GA has been used for multitarget tracking. In [23],[24] , GA is used for data association with MHT algorithm. As discussed earlier, MHT algorithm is computationally expensive and it is difficult to use the same in a real-time tracking application, GA has been used to generate fuzzy rules to track a target. Similarly, GA algorithm has been used for off-line fuzzy system optimization, and the latter is used to update model probability for tracking targets using IMM algorithm...GA is used to analyze Doppler effects of a sound for motion analysis of a moving object. GA along with neural network has been used for tracking...the neural energy function is optimized for solving the data association problem. A multiple model-based tracking method has been proposed...track multiple targets using the Hopfield network for data association. The method proposed provides superior performance, but the drawback with the neural net-based approach is that it requires a large number of iterations and the selection of coefficients is by trial and error. In our proposed method in this paper, we do not use neural energy function..." (Genetic Algorithm-based Data Association and Multiple Filter Bank-based Target Tracking in Infrared Image Sequences)

A radar tracker is a component of a radar system, or an associated command and control (C2) system, that associates consecutive radar observations of the same target into tracks. It is particularly useful when the radar system is reporting data from several different targets or when it is necessary to combine the data from several different radars or other sensors (Wikepedia).

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Allen L. Barker's Testimony to the NBAC Human Subjects Subcommittee, Nov. 23, 1997

I am here to talk about electromagnetic antipersonnel weapons and mind control technology. While there are still denials that such weapons exist, anyone remotely familiar with the technology and its history could only conclude that the United States has such devices. Dr. Robert Becker wrote in his 1985 book The Body Electric that we would have to be very naive to assume the United States has no electromagnetic arsenal.

Microwave beams can be modulated with voice signals such that when the beam is directed toward a subject's head he ``hears'' the voice. This has been reported in the open scientific literature since at least 1975. There are U.S. patents for devices with microphones which will project a speaker's voice into a subject's head. In addition to voice projection, microwaves can impair performance, affect heart rhythms, and cause brain damage due to heating effects.

This is just the hardware. How this technology is used can be likened to the software. For example, when combined with familiar surveillance devices such as miniature pinhole cameras, microwave weapons and other so-called nonlethal weapons can be used to aversively condition and train people inside their own homes. They may not even be aware this is going on. Because the effects of these weapons mimic the symptoms of some mental illnesses -- and can cause brain damage in addition to the traumatic stress of torture -- the victims typically have nowhere to turn. They may be further abused by the mental health system.

The CIA admitted in Appendix E of the Interim Report of the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments that it investigated the use and effect of microwaves on humans. It determined that this research was outside the purview of the Radiation Committee. I hope it will fall within the purview of this committee.

Beyond microwave technology I want to talk about implanted devices. Though their existence is often denied, implanted devices, even brain implants, have been around for years. There are U.S. patents for implantable tracking devices that allow people to be tracked from cellular phone towers. Implanted listening devices and even EEG analysis devices are well within the capability of black budget projects.

As reported in December of 1993 by The City Sun Newspaper of Brooklyn, Brian Wronge discovered after being released from a correctional facility that he had various devices implanted in his body. These devices showed up on CT and MRI scans. Even so, he had difficulty getting a lawyer to represent him. Surgeons, citing fears of reprisal, would not remove the devices from his body. The group Physicians for Human Rights refused to assist him or help him find a surgeon. Major newspapers did not cover the story.

This last fact should not be a surprise. According to the Columbia Journalism Review, the data on human radiation experiments that was reported as new in 1993 had actually been known for almost a decade. A congressional committee had issued a report detailing those abuses in 1986. The report was widely ignored and misreported. The indifference shown toward the still surviving victims of these experiments is shocking.

I have personally experienced harassment and torture inflicted by people using mind control, or influencing, technology. It began when I was doing research work associated with the intelligence community. In the bizarre logic of this sort of harassment, those who claim to have experienced it firsthand are often accorded less credibility than those who have not. I do not let this stop me from trying to describe how truly horrifying it is to have your very mind repeatedly violated, inside your own home where there is no escape. Just describing the hardware capabilities does not begin to touch on the ``software'' techniques of psychological warfare that are applied using the technology.

I hope this committee can begin to address some of these human rights abuses. But people who could commit such crimes will think nothing of lying or worse to cover up their involvement. What would be worse than involuntary human experiments like these would be if the techniques become standard practice: to be applied regularly and in secret (Allen L. Barker's Testimony to the NBAC Human Subjects Subcommittee, Nov. 23, 1997).

Monday, July 23, 2012

Allen L. Barker's Excuses and Manipulations in Mind Control

Rationalizing Away Torture - Post-hoc rationalizations. Most of the rationalizations are of this sort, but it is included as a separate item. Basically a person is selected for torture and surveillance for whatever real reason is involved -- classified work, they are presumed subversive, they are a random experimental subject, etc. -- and then one objective of the surveillance is to come up with plausible lies about why the surveillance was begun in the first place. Pretend it is a battle between equals. Act like this is some struggle between equals, a sporting event, or even a war between two armies. Never express the reality that this is a military and intelligence attack against civilians in their homes using advanced weaponry. Demonize the victims. Pretend the victims were terrible people, who deserve what they got, and from whom the public needs to be protected. Portray domestic repression as a ``good'' sort of government vigilante action. Choose one or two victims in particular to smear. An individual cannot begin to counter a huge, behind-the-scenes smear campaign -- especially when coupled with torture -- and all the other victims will be smeared by association.

Compare adult citizens to children. The paternalistic approach to justifying torture. Claim that these people do not know what is best for them and cannot make their own decisions. If we have to abuse and violate these people it is only tough love. If they demand their basic human rights it only shows how childlike and naive they are. This information is too valuable to give up. The Nazi medical data excuse. This research is necessary for national security, for the medical and psychological data we obtain, and any other information we steal. To protect freedom and uphold the Constitution, some citizens must be summarily enslaved and tortured. "She wanted it."' Like the excuse of the rapist, pretend the victims really wanted the ``attention'' of the mind controllers. This is especially good if Stockholm syndrome can be induced in the victim. Medieval doctor syndrome. Torture and traumatize the victim into a terrible state. Back off the overt harassment a bit. If the victim gets better, claim you cured them. You were only ``helping'' them all along. (``The lobotomy cured the patient's hyperactivity.'')

Spread the blood around.The more people who can be made to take part in the crimes, the more support there is for covering them up and continuing them. Spread around the ``spoils'' of the torture. Give foreign governments and intelligence agencies some of the data and technology. Encourage the general public to participate in the harassment and torture of the victims. Appeal to the status quo. Point to how things are now. Claim that surely things would be worse if the secret atrocities had not been committed. Present some ludicrous and dubious scenarios that ``might have happened'' if the Bill of Rights had stood in the way. (The same sort of approach can be taken to show why the secret crimes cannot possibly be exposed...) The victims are only in it for the money. This absurd claim can aid in turning the public against the victims, and can even sow dissension among the victims. People are always suspicious of their purse-strings, and many are just greedy. This claim ignores the fact the most victims first want the torture to stop, and then want to see some sort of justice done. With the facts out, any claims for compensation can be rationally considered in the open. (Calling compensation for years of torture and abuse ``welfare'' is another way to belittle the victims.) It's not really that bad. The current American-style system of political imprisonment and harassment has evolved precisely to evoke that sort of reaction from Americans. As such, it is in many ways a reflection of our society. The system, at the same time, has also evolved to maximize the trauma and terror experienced by the victims. It really is that bad. Victims have to live under constant surveillance for 24 hours a day. They never know when they might be killed or have their brains fried into retardation. They cannot trust their own thoughts because their minds have been repeatedly violated. It is like being a chimpanzee in an aversive conditioning lab with an electrode in the brain. This is carried out in the context of purposely induced trauma and human social ridicule.

Denying the Problem - The victims are crazy, the weapons do not exist. The standard lines. Repeat every step of the way. Put the burden of proof on the victim to explain all the technology developed in secret, black projects, and to explain exactly how the effects they experience each day are being caused. Use techniques that mimic mental illness and counter every claim of harassment with a dismissive ``paranoid schizophrenia.'' If some weapons are shown to exist, claim that the government never built any such weapons. If the government is shown to possess such weapons, claim that they would never, ever use them in the way that has been alleged. Silence the whistleblowers. Harass them. Destroy their careers. Threaten their families. Make them the next victims. "Chomskyize'' the whistleblowers. If someone cannot be intimidated, if they are too well-known, and if their careers cannot be completely ruined, ignore them. That is, actively ignore them. If too many of their facts and analyses cannot be refuted, then they are left out of the debate. Everything proceeds as if the person had never said anything. Claim, ``the system works.'' Repeat this again and again to make it more true. Sure there are some problems, but the system is working. You just need to follow channels, hire lawyers, and lobby for your cause (even if that cause is stopping the torture of American citizens by their government). Some of these things are worth doing, but not because the system works. The system only works to maintain the status quo. In intelligence matters, even more than others, the system is corrupt to the point where it is simply evil. Intelligence agencies routinely lie, even to Congress, which may or may not be aware of it.

Manipulating and Turning Away From Individual Victims - Straightforward harassment. Death threats, threats against family and friends, surveillance, ridicule, attempts to demean, rumormongering. Attacks with secret weapons inside the home, harassment on the street. Psychological warfare attacks, especially with feedback from surveillance. This is a chapter in itself. Aww, poor baby. You went and got yourself tortured. You must have done something to deserve it. This really fits in with the demeaning aspects above, but I've put it here because it illustrates an attitude that extends beyond just the harassers. Call the victim naive. Imply that the harassment is normal, and that the victim should have known that all along. ``The natural order of things'' and other such supremacist crap. Everybody knows -- but at the same time it is not happening at all and the victim is crazy. If only you hadn't done that! Imply that help is on the way, and that you have the power to aid the victim. Build up the sense that help is just around the corner. Watch the victim, and when they do something you want to train them out of, cry, ``If only you hadn't done that!'' That is, no help will be forthcoming, and now it is the victim's fault. This works well with good cop/bad cop routines. It also works well in conjunction with other harassment. If the victim is really desperate, traumatized, and in fear for their life it can work over and over again.

If only you would do this... If only the victim would modify his or her life in the prescribed way, then the harassment would stop or the rescuers could help. This is direct behavior modification: Only by conforming and following orders can you be free. Once you change one thing, there is always another. Later on, the ``rescuers'' may say, ``We cannot help you, but aren't you so much better off for following our directions?'' The fact that you cooperated with harassers posing as rescuers may be used to imply that you consented to the harassment. The harassers need to save face. This is used to get victims to back off from their complaints, and to get activists to tone down their activities. The claim is that somehow things will be magically worked out behind the scenes if only the torturers could do it in a face-saving way. The fact that this has not happened in fifty years is not mentioned. It is basically a lie to stall for time, and stonewalling and delay is the preferred technique of escaping accountability. I call a Nazi a Nazi. You have to wait in line. The implication is that there is some secret process of justice working behind the scenes, and your turn is coming. You are selfish for wanting to jump ahead in line! This system is overloaded (which is no excuse, even if such a system did exist) but if you put up with torture for a few more years you may come to the top of the list. See u above.  Source: Excuses and Manipulations in Mind Control

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Allen L. Barker's 99 Chimpanzees

Bullies in jeans
sense a new target
mob goes wild
knuckle-walking to his home

Peering in his windows
climbing on his roof
leering at his family --
starting to display!

Pant-hoot hoot hoot
Pant-hoot hoot
National security
Pant-hoot hoot hoot

They burst inside his home
swinging all around
inspecting every cranny
a grand chimpanzee time

And then they find their target
drag him out the door
swat him as they go
spinning in delight

"To the pedestal'' one hoots
the others all agree
to the pedestal they take him
force him up on top

Now they point and hoot
dancing all around
then 10 chimps knock him off --
Paaaaaaannnnt-hoot! This is good!

He fell from grace, he flew too high
ho ho ho all the tired taunts we love
put him back up a few times
we love so much to knock him down

New game! We'll tell him its a game
a game he has to play
where we make all the rules
and we do all the judging

And by the way, he lost!
hoot hoot hoot ha ha ha...

But chimpanzee rampages
have a way of dying down
and all the other champanzees
are looking at the 99...

He made us do it
We did it for you
For the children
For all that we hold dear
And some stupid chimpanzees buy it
And some scared chimpanzees buy it
And some complicit chimpanzees buy it
And some greedy chimpanzees buy it
And some chimpanzees waiting
for the fun of the next rampage

[My sincerest apologies to all actual chimpanzees.]

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Strange Cases

The Strange Case of Adelheid Streidel

Here's the Strange Case of Adelheid Streidel. This is the story of another Psychological Torture victim whose tale smacks of political assassination. This victim's life was used to justify tighter security.

Sought Publicity, Says Woman Who Stabbed German Candidate - "Social Democrat Lafontaine is recovering, vows to carry on his campaign to unseat Kohl." by Tamara Jones (Los Angeles Times April 27, 1990 A6) - Cologne, West Germany - A woman who calmly plunged a butcher knife into the throat of one of West Germany's most popular politicians told police Thursday that she did it for the publicity. Recovering from a wound that narrowly missed a major artery, a weak but cheerful Oskar Lafontaine told Social Democratic Party leaders from his hospital bed that he will carry on his campaign to unseat conservative Chancellor Helmut Kohl despite Wednesday night's assassination attempt at a packed rally here. Adelheid Streidel, a 42-year-old doctor's assistant with a history of mental illness, was arrested at the scene. Police said she was transferred to a psychiatric clinic Thursday for evaluation. Prosecutors were awaiting results of her psychiatric evaluation before deciding whether to press charges. "I wanted to kill Mr. Lafontaine so I would have to go before the courts and it would be in all the newspapers," investigators quoted her as saying. Police spokesman Reinhard Fischer said the woman described the attack as "a private political decision." "I wanted to send a message," he quoted her as telling interrogators. "There are human factories and underground operating rooms in Europe where citizens are reconstructed physically and mentally. "This takes place with the approval of politicians." Police said Streidel had no known links to terrorist groups. Investigators said she had decided last Christmas to kill a politician and that she had called Kohl's Christian Democratic Party as well as the Social Democrats to find out when and where prominent politicians would be holding public rallies.

On Wednesday, clutching two bouquets of flowers, she took a cab to the rally where Lafontaine was appearing, reportedly asking the driver en route if he knew the address of Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher. Once at the rally, Streidel sat in the second row. Television cameras scanning the audience showed her smiling broadly with a calm expression on her face. Police said she tried a couple of times without success to make it past ushers up to the stage after the speeches, then finally persuaded a guard she merely wanted to present the politicians with the flowers and get autographs. "I would like to give you some flowers because I am such a great admirer of yours," she was quoted as telling Lafontaine. She held out a poetry book and asked for Lafontaine's autograph; as he bent to sign it, she pulled out a butcher knife and plunged it into his neck, police said. Lafonlaine, 46, collapsed in a pool of blood as pandemonium broke out and security guards overpowered the still-smiling assailant. The attack, one of the worst on a West German politician in the postwar era, has raised serious questions about campaign security. Lafontaine, known for his acid tongue and brash style, apparently was singled out only at the last minute. Police said Streidel told investigators that she wanted to kill either Lafontaine or another party leader sharing the stage, Johannes Rau, premier of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Herbert Schnoor, the Social Democratic interior minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, said security at the Cologne hall was more than adequate. He told reporters that bomb searches had been conducted. Police reported no threats against the politicians. Social Democratic Party Chairman Hans-Jochen Vogel said after visiting Lafontaine in the hospital that the candidate was in good spirits. He said Lafontaine cracked jokes and vowed to hit the campaign trail again as soon as his health permits. Doctors said Lafontaine might be discharged from the hospital this weekend and would undergo further treatment at a clinic closer to his home in the state of Saarland. Source: The Strange Case of Adelheid Streidel

The Strange Case of Ardith Cribbs

Those of you who collect information on the government's psychiatric torture research can make copies of related reports and forward them directly to Ms. Cribbs' attorney. Those of you who have an interest in bringing the real government criminals to justice can write letters in support of her appeal. Let's see if we can get this other victim the intensive medical treatment that she needs. It does not matter that Cribbs' attorney will receive duplicate copies of various documents .... bulk counts. It does not matter that you can't send any documents...your voice counts. It's time to break the silence.

Woman to Serve 30 Years to Life for Brutal Killing of Husband in 1994 by Anna Cekola (Times Staff Writer Los Angeles Times March 30, 1996 A-21) - Santa Ana - A woman convicted of handcuffing her fourth husband to a bed and shooting him was sentenced Friday to 30 years to life in prison as relatives of the slain Fish and Game official pleaded that she never have a chance to hurt another family. Ardith Cribbs, 39, appeared shaken at times as the family of Gordon Cribbs said they were horrified and haunted by thoughts of his final, helpless moments as the woman he loved shot him in the legs, groin, back and head. "No doubt he pleaded for mercy, but what mercy did he receive? None," said Harold Cribbs, the victim's eldest brother. "She was just so evil," sobbed the victim's daughter, Kendra. "She'll never know how many lives she affected, and how terribly she did it." Superior Court Judge Francisco P. Briseno, in handing down the maximum sentence, called the 1994 murder "brutal" and "completely unwarranted." Ardith Cribbs, a former prostitute with a history of mental problems, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, but a jury last month rejected that defense and decided the Huntington Beach woman was sane when she killed her husband. The same jury also convicted her of first-degree murder. Cribbs did not say anything to the judge Friday, but she recently told probation officials she never intended to kill her husband and believes she must have been insane to carry out such an act.

She also said that she was angry her husband, a 49-year-old patrol chief for the state Department of Fish and Game, had been portrayed as perfect during the trial, according to a pre-sentencing report by the county Probation Department. Family members said they are perhaps most troubled by prosecution evidence that she never loved her husband and wanted him dead. "We took her into our family," Harold Cribbs said. "All this was shattered as I sat here in this courtroom and listened to the evidence presented. We found she was a cold, calculating, unprincipled individual who had no trouble Iying to get where she needed to go." Harold Cribbs, a former Fish and Game official like his brother, said he hasn't been able to tell his 82-year-old mother just how her son died. "If she knew exactly how it happened, it would kill her," he said. Gordon Cribbs was found dead Aug. 10, 1994, in the Huntington Beach home he shared with his wife of three years. Two acquaintances who found his body also found Ardith Cribbs unconscious in a bathroom from a drug overdose. Police found the gun used in the shooting on a kitchen counter, along with an apparent suicide note written by Ardith Cribbs in which she apologized and asked for forgiveness. Deputy Dist. Atty. Carolyn Kirkwood contended during trial that Cribbs might have mental problems, but knew what she was doing when she repeatedly shot her husband. The prosecutor said a mixture of anger and greed may have motivated Cribbs, who stood to inherit her husband's home.

The defendant said she could not remember specifically what caused her to shoot her husband, although she thought it might have had something to do with a remark he made about her past, according to the probation report. Cribbs, who grew up in San Pedro, worked as a prostitute at two Nevada brothels before finding a job with the Long Beach personnel division of the Department of Fish and Game, where she told a co-worker she was looking for a "single, successful, high-ranking man," the prosecutor told jurors. It was there she met Gordon Cribbs, a 26-year veteran with the department who had been devastated a few years earlier when his marriage of 22 years ended in divorce, according to testimony. Gordon Cribbs, described as a dedicated worker who saw the best in others, supervised about 100 wardens and other personnel and was responsible for marine and wildlife protection from Santa Barbara to the Mexico border and the Sierra Nevada. The two dated for several years, then broke up for a year. They reunited and were married on the same day in June 1991, according to the probation report. During the trial, Cribbs' lawyer sought to portray her as a woman who was not in control of her actions, with a past of attempted suicides, self-mutilation and hospitalization for hallucinations and other mental problems. She had also been molested by a relative from ages 6 to 16 and suffered from sleeping and eating disorders, her attorney, Peter Larkin, told jurors. Her mental problems included delusions that other people, including her husband, were constantly watching and controlling her, he said. Cribbs told others that while working at the brothel, she had been drugged and a device had been implanted in her brain, the report said. Her attorney gave notice Friday that Cribbs intends to appeal the conviction. Source: The Strange Case of Ardith Cribbs

The Strange Case of James Brady

Here's the Strange Case of James Brady. No...not that James Brady. Another James Brady. This is the story of a Psychological Torture victim whose name is, coincidentally, the same as that of the other James Brady. This James Brady's life was also, not so coincidentally, used to justify gun control. The James Brady you're thinking of was shot in the Ronald Reagan assassination attempt. John Hinkley, Jr., good buddy of George Bush and family, after having been released from a Federal Mental Institution and, reportedly, being photographed at a Nazi rally with one of the Bush boys, shot that James Brady.

This James Brady was another kind of victim: Just-released mental patient kills 1, wounds 4 in mall (Associated Press - Daily News (Los Angeles) April 25, 1990 p12) - Atlanta - A smiling gunman who was released from a mental hospital despite homicidal and suicidal tendencies opened fire in the food court of a suburban shopping mall Tuesday, killing one man and wounding four people, police said. The man tried to reload the .38 caliber revolver but tossed it into a trash can before calmly walking out and surrendering, police said. James Calvin Brady, 31, surrendered to DeKalb County police outside the mall just after the shootings, said police spokesman Chuck Johnson. "He held up his hands and said, 'I'm the one you're looking for,'" said police Col. M.F. Ferguson. Police said Brady was charged Tuesday night with one count of murder and four counts of aggravated assault. He was being held without bond, and other charges may be filed. A document found in Brady's pocket said he was released Monday from Georgia Regional Hospital in Atlanta. He was admitted to the state hospital April 13, but the document did not say why he was released, said DeKalb police Col. M.F. Ferguson. The document "said he had homicidal and suicidal tendencies, and suffered from delusions," Ferguson said. During questioning, police said Brady talked of God and about a "mechanical device" inside him that controls his actions. "He's suffering from hallucinations. He was probably having one when he fired," Ferguson said. Note the "'mechanical device' inside him that controls his actions." Now, the Los Angeles Times spin on the same story:

Shooting Stirs a Furor Over Policies in Georgia (by Lee May and Edith Stanley, Los Angeles Times April 26, 1990 A21) - Atlanta - A shooting spree by a former mental patient in which one person was killed and four wounded touched off a furor Wednesday in Georgia over mental health policy and gun control. James Calvin Brady, the suspect in the Tuesday shootings at a suburban shopping mall, had in his pocket a form saying he was released Monday from a state mental hospital where he was treated for showing homicidal tendencies. The question of why he was released after only 10 days of treatment reverberated on radio talk shows, in the subway and on the streets Wednesday. State officials say they were only following criteria for such releases. "There are fairly rigid constraints" on holding patients against their will, said John Watson, deputy superintendent of the Georgia Regional Hospital, where Brady was held. Overcrowding was not a problem at the hospital, officials said, implying that Brady was released because he was judged to be no longer a threat to himself or others. Brady was back in a state mental institution Wednesday, after De Kalb County jail officials determined they could not care for him properly. He was taken to Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, Ga., for evaluation. Authorities said they still expect him to stand trial in the shootings. Jim Ledbetter, commissioner of the state Department of Human Resources, said Georgia's eight mental hospitals treat 20,000 patients a year, almost 80% of whom are involuntary patients like Brady. He said the shooting was the first such incident he recalls involving a former mental patient.

Nevertheless, he said, a routine investigation will be conducted to make sure the release was made "in accordance with established medical practice." Brady bought a handgun just hours after his release from the hospital, renewing the debate in Georgia over handgun control. To purchase the weapon, Brady merely had to show a driver's license and sign a form declaring, among other assertions, that he was not mentally ill. There is no waiting period on gun purchases in Georgia. Gov. Joe Frank Harris conceded that the shootings make "a very strong statement" about the need for gun control, but he asserted: "I'm not sure any gun control law could prevent something like this happening." Brady is black, repeatedly identified in television reports as "a well-dressed black man." "He only shot white people," said one of many angry callers to a local radio talk show Wednesday. Hospital and De Kalb County police officials said all the victims were white, but police made no racial links in the shootings. If anyone knows how to contact this victim's lawyer, drop me a line. Source: The Strange Case of James Brady

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Counter-Measures Warfare Applications

With the revelations of the Senate Church Committee in 1976, the CIA's infamous MK-Ultra program was brought to light. For decades during the height of the cold war, the U.S. intelligence establishment aggressively pursued the development of advanced psychiatric and psychological warfare technologies....so-called mind-control technologies. Millions of tax dollars have been spent developing such neurological weapons. Billions more have been spent developing a similar arsenal of electronic warfare and electronic counter-measures warfare technologies.

"In the early 1960s [Allan H.] Frey found that when microwaves of 300 to 3,000 megahertz were pulsed at specific rates, humans (even deaf people) could "hear" them. The beam caused a booming, hissing, clicking, or buzzing, depending on the exact frequency and pulse rate, and the sound seemed to come from just behind the head.

"At first Frey was ridiculed for this announcement, just like many radar technicians who'd been told they were crazy for hearing certain radar beams. Later work has shown that the microwaves are sensed somewhere in the temporal region just above and slightly in front of the ears. The phenomenon apparently results from pressure waves set up in brain tissue, some of which activate the sound receptors of the inner ear via bone conduction, while others directly stimulate nerve cells in the auditory pathways. Experiments on rats have shown that a strong signal can generate a sound pressure of 120 decibels, or approximately the level near a jet engine at takeoff.

"Obviously such a beam could cause humans severe pain and prevent all voice communication. That the same effect can be used more subtly was demonstrated in 1973 by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Sharp, serving as a test subject himself, heard and understood spoken words delivered to him in an echo-free isolation chamber via a pulsed-microwave audiogram (an analog of the words' sound vibrations) beamed into his brain. Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with "voices" or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin. There are also indications that other pulse frequencies cause similar pressure waves in other tissues, which could disrupt various metabolic processes. A group under R. G. Olsen and J. D. Grissett at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory in Pensacola has already demonstrated such effects in simulated muscle tissue and has a continuing contract to find beams effective against human tissues."

"The Body Electric, Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life"
by Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden (Quill/William Morrow, NY, 1985)

"Using extremely low average power densities of electromagnetic energy, the perception of sounds was induced in normal and deaf humans. The effect was induced several hundred feet from the antenna the instant the transmitter was turned on, and is a function of carrier frequency and modulation.

"The third likely place for the detection mechanism is the brain. Burr and Mauro presented evidence that indicates that there is an electrostatic field about neurons. Morrow and Sepiel presented evidence that indicates the existence of a magnetic field about neurons. Becker (personal communication) has done some work indicating that there is longitudinal flow of charged carriers in neurons. Thus, it is reasonable to suspect that possibly the electromagnetic field could interact with neuron fields."

"Human Auditory System Response To Modulated Electromagnetic Energy"
by Allan H. Frey (General Electric Advanced Electronics Center)

As is clear from both Frey's and Sharp's research, the brain does not go to extraordinary lengths to encrypt the data which it processes. Sharp's findings indicate that the brainwaves associated with the otic (hearing) centers of the brain mimic the shapes and amplitudes of the sound waves which stimulate the aural nerves. Were sound represented digitally by the brain, specific frequencies of sound would be associated with specific objects and a change in the tone of voice would change the definitive meanings of nouns (ie, cars could be tables). Thus, the multiplicity of harmonics and sub-harmonics which comprise language necessitates that sound be represented by the brain in an analog form. Further, as is shown by Sharp's research, that analog form closely mimics the wave-form characteristics of the sound it represents. Going one step further, it is reasonable to speculate that brainwaves associated with the thinking of words have shapes and amplitudes which mimic spoken words. When one thinks a word (ie, "Blue"), one *hears*, in one's mind, an arrangement of *sounds* which mimic the sounds one hears when someone says the word "Blue." Were language a function of the frequencies of sounds, the multiplicity of harmonics and sub-harmonics implicit in sound would make language impossible. Since language is characteristic specific, as opposed to frequence specific, the only difference between thinking a word and hearing that same word is the location and frequency of the carrier wave in the brain.

"The Central Intelligence Agency funded research on electromagnetic mind control at least as early as 1960, when the notorious MKULTRA program, mostly concerned with hypnosis and psychedelic drugs, included money for adapting bioelectric sensing methods (at that time primarily the EEG) to surveillance and interrogation, as well as for finding 'techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.' In testimony before the Senate Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research on September 21, 1977, MKULTRA director Dr. Sidney Gottlieb recalled: 'There was a running interest in what effects people's standing in the field of radio energy have, and it could easily have been that somewhere in the many projects someone was trying to see if you could hypnotize somebody easier if he was standing in a radio beam.'"

"The Body Electric, Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life"
Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden (Quill/William Morrow, NY, 1985)

The basis of both electronic warfare and electronic counter-measures warfare is the ability to distort the shapes and amplitudes electro-magnetic transmissions through the interference of other electro-magnetic transmissions. Simply put, while the intersection of any two electro-magnetic fields, or wave fronts, will not produce a change in the direction of propagation of either field, a trans-induction of vector information will occur. The amplitudes, wavelengths and frequencies of both will be altered, this dependent upon their harmonic multiplicity, phase and angle of intersection. Electronic counter-measures warfare is the precise arbitration of enemy microwave (radar) transmissions so as to make those transmissions inaccurately reflect the state of the battlefield. This involves: (1) the production of false radar reflections so as to indicate to the enemy objects which do not exist, (2) the distortion of valid radar reflections so as to indicate to the enemy misrepresentations of size and location, and (3) the field damping of valid radar reflections so as to indicate to the enemy no objects. The brain produces a magnetic field which we call brainwaves. Since a magnetic field can not exist in the absence of a perpendicular electrical field, and vice versa, one must conclude that the chemical reactions associated with thought processes are electro-chemical in nature. A distortion in a magnetic field produces a like distortion in its contingent electrical field, and vice versa. A proximate electrical field will distort any magnetic field and a proximate magnetic field will distort any electrical field. This trans-induction of vector information is what makes electronic warfare feasible. Therefore, any proximate standing wave electro-magnetic interference will arbitrate neuro-chemical activity. A precisely shaped standing wave will induce an equally precise brainwave pattern.

Not magic. Just force...electro-magnetic force.

"The technology for nonsensory communication between brains and computers through the intact skin is already at our fingertips, and its consequences are difficult to predict. Now we are adding a new dimension: the direct interface between brains and machines. It is, however, already possible to induce a large variety of responses, from motor effects to emotional reactions and intellectual manifestations, by direct electrical stimulation of the brain. Also, several investigators have learned to identify patterns of electrical activity (which a computer could also recognize) localized in specific areas of the brain and related to determined phenomena such as perception of smells or visual perception of edges and movements. We are advancing rapidly in the pattern recognition of electrical correlates of behavior and in the methodology for two-way radio communication between brain and computers."

"Physical Control of the Mind, Toward a Psychocivilized Society"
(Two-way Radio Communication with the Brain, p 89-96)
by Jose M. R. Delgado, M.D. (Harper & Row, NY, 1969)

Most important to any battlefield situation is command, control and intelligence: an accurate picture of the battlefield. The electronic battlefield is no different. This trans-induction effect makes possible the surveillance of the electronic battlefield. By passing a microwave transmission through enemy radar signals, the so-called electronic battlefield, and comparing the differences between the originating signal and the resultant signal on the other side of the electronic battlefield, a picture of the electronic battlefield can be interpolated. By passing multiple and phased microwave signals through the electronic battlefield, resultant variations in harmonics and sub-harmonics reveal a more accurate picture of the electronic battlefield. By broadcasting phased and interfering signals into the electronic battlefield, the resultant secondary and tertiary constructive interferences will reveal an extremely accurate three dimensional picture of the electronic battlefield and enemy radar capabilities. Needless to say, the enemy knows this and engages in counter-measures strategies for both surveillance and disinformation. The Air Force knows that they know this and engages in counter counter-measures strategies for both surveillance and disinformation. And, so it goes until another Korean Air Lines 007 drops from the sky. The electro-chemical / magnetic battlefield of the mind is simple by comparison. The same technology which allows the Air Force to broadcast microwaves through enemy radar signals and then interpolate a three-dimensional image of the electronic battlefield also allows government torturers to interpolate a three-dimensional image of their victim's braiwaves. The algorithms for the interpretation of brainwaves are well documented in sound mechanics.

"Most of the transmitters used to date in the experimentation have been pulse modulated with no information placed on the signal. The rf sound has been described as being a buzz, clicking, hiss, or knocking, depending on several transmitter parameters, i.e., pulse width and pulse-repetition rate (PRF). The apparent source of these sounds is localized by the subjects as being within, or immediately behind the head. The sound always seems to come from within or immediately behind the head no matter how the subjects twists or rotates in the rf field."

"Human Auditory System Response To Modulated Electromagnetic Energy"
by Allan H. Frey (General Electric Advanced Electronics Center)

Though preferable for the really sadistic torture, a computer is not required for the interpretation of those brainwaves nor for the superimposition of fallacious brainwaves. Off-the-shelf analog systems can easily translate such analog information into sound waves and vice versa. But, with a computer, the torture can be intensified. Using a combination of neuro-motor and neuro-linguistic conditioning, neurologic pathways (responses) can be implemented and extant pathways can be eliminated. The mind can split or shattered, then reconstructed to be completely self-conditioning by new and exotic artificially conditioned pathways of pain.  Source: Counter-Measures Warfare Applications

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Excerpts from the book “Project L.U.C.I.D.” by Texe Marrs

“A frightening behemoth is rising up from the depths of America's hidden SS establishment. Like a vast and monstrous silicon octopus, Project L.U.C.I.D. is stretching forth its ominous and threatening, high tech tentacles. Multitudes of unsuspecting, helpless victims will very soon be encircled and crushed by Big Brother's new, Gestapo police state. Who among us can possibly escape from the electronic cages now being prepared for all mankind?” - Texe Marrs, author of Project L.U.C.I.D. - The Universal Human Control System

According to Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, the word lucid means “suffused with light; luminous; translucent...” Astonishing and undeniable evidence exists of an incredible, new universal human control system. Officially called L.U.C.I.D., it is a grotesque system of universal slavery which - even as you read this - is being implemented by federal and international intelligence police agencies. This computerized I.D. card - to be followed eventually by an implanted chip - is an electronic straitjacket that allows the New World Order's Gestapo to track and link every man, woman, and child on planet earth. Our activities are going to be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by federal Gestapo agencies - the FBI, IRS, BATF, CIA, DIA, DEA, NSA, NRO, FINCEN, the U.S. Treasury Service, the Department of Justice, and countless other police agencies.

Implantable Biochips: A “Do or Die” Situation - Stunning Disclosures - Notice that my book, Mega Forces, first became available to the general public in 1987. At the time my disclosures about the coming, new, implantable biochips which would revolutionize human - and robotic - life as we know it stunned many readers. They simply couldn't believe that the science was that far advanced. But it was. Even as I wrote Mega Forces, I was becoming aware of super-secret experiments by government and corporate laboratories in which human subjects - usually unwilling and unsuspecting guinea pigs - were having computer chips and transmitting devices implanted into their cerebral hemispheres (e.g. their brains), auditory (ear) organs, and elsewhere in their bodies. Of course, all of this highly classified and hush-hush research was supposedly being done “for the advancement of science, for the good of all mankind.” Sure it was! In reality, from the vantage point of the elite, there are only two reasons to develop and implement a universal system in which every man, woman, and child will be injected with a computer biochip. One, of course, is the factor of money. There is big money ahead for the high tech corporations who receive government contracts to implant biochips in up to six billion human beings. But the primary reason for this system's use is control. The implantable biochip provides incredible potential for the Illuminati and their stooges to gain absolute, permanent control over the minds of men. As I wrote in Mega Forces, “Never in human history have tyrants and madmen had such tools - tools which they can use to plunder minds and terrorize an entire population...One shudders to think of the power this capability might give corrupt leaders or thugs bent on controlling the mind-thoughts of individuals.”

Recently, I was quoted at length in The Boulder Weekly, a Colorado newspaper, which carried a cautionary article highlighting the downside of biochip implants. Later, Media Bypass magazine published this excerpt: The Boulder Weekly quoted Texe Marrs, a political science professor and author of “Dark Secrets of the New Age,” as saying the implants will likely “be used by a One World government to track people and exercise control over their lives...There is a lot of evidence that chips are under development that can tie into the brain's of neuro-network, giving someone who controls the chip the ability to control the thoughts and actions of anyone who contains the chip.”

Stunning Disclosures - Only a few of the authorities in the field of biochips and implantable devices are joining me in running up the red flag about the mind control abuse potential of this technology. Most see implantable biochips as offering a marvelous and bright future for mankind. One such expert is G. Harry Stine. In his book, The Silicon Gods, Stine foresaw a near future in which men could become like gods through the use of “intelligence amplifiers” implanted in the brains. Stine wrote that, very soon, intelligence amplifiers - tiny microchip devices either implanted in humans or capable of being temporarily connected to the human brain and sensory channels - will actually allow others to “get inside a person's head.” With such devices, we will possess the astonishing ability to hear the thoughts of others." Researchers have made rapid progress to bring this to reality. An eye-opening article in Science News reported that, “New electronic techniques are being developed to eavesdrop on the brain.” According to Science News, “The techniques, under study at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, in AT&T labs, and elsewhere, will allow outsiders to directs a person's brain cell conversations and talk directly to the individual's brain neurons. The article also said that current research centers on the eventual employment of integrated circuit chips that can either be implanted in the brain or overlaid with brain cells.” Will the L.U.C.I.D. net someday integrate this brain control technology into its global system? Even Stine, an optimist who believes that man will not allow the abuse of these capabilites, nevertheless warns: It also contains the seeds of unimaginable evil: the actual control of human minds by other humans. Not brainwashing. Not propaganda. Not any of the ancient and well-proven means of mentally or physically imposing one person's will by police action or torture. But the actual control of the human mind.

An Army of Zombies - Isolated news reports about government research into biochips bring evidence of a frightening future for mankind once the implanting of these devilish devices is initiated on a mass scale. In 1995, Pat Cooper, a reporter for Defense News, wrote an article entitled, “Naval Research Lab Attempts to Meld Neurons and Chips.” Cooper quoted Lawrence Korb, a former top DOD official, as saying that, “The studies by the Defense Department produce an army of zombies.” The research, Cooper noted, “has captured the interest of the U.S. intelligence community.” After observing that there are unlimited useful applications of the rising, new technology, Cooper quoted Steve Aftergood, a senior analyst for the Washington-based Federation of American Scientist, who stated, “For all the desirable applications, it (smart biochips) may have horrific applications.” Speaking before the Defense Electronics Symposium, sponsored by the American Defense Preparedness Association, in Arlington, Virginia, in 1995, William Tolles, former associate director of research of the Naval Research Laboratory, stated: “Once this technology is proved, you could control a living species.” Kyle Olson, of the Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute, concurs with this alarming analysis. “The door swings in two directions,” said Olson. “You've got this Frankenstein-type weapon on one hand, and it can deal with problems of the human condition on the other.”

Paranoid Thinking...or Reality? - Whatever technology man can invent, the Illuminati, in the last days, will use to control and either pacify or induce fear and terror in the masses. Some may call this paranoid thinking, but the wise know it as truth. As Media Bypass, a patriotic magazine, in an article entitled, “A Chip in Your Shoulder,” stated: Implant technology is not new. Although routinely ridiculed as a paranoid delusion, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has mandated electronic biochip implants into humans receiving pacemakers, prosthetic devices, and even breast implants since 1994. Literally thousands of Americans now carry these microdevices under their skin...Endangered animals and livestock also carry implants to track their migration of feeding habits. Interestingly, Timothy McVeigh, alleged bomber of the federal building in Oklahoma City, claimed that, while on active duty, the U.S. Army implanted a “tracking device” in his body. Was it this device which allowed the federal Gestapo cops to track down and locate McVeigh so soon after the bombing incident? Did the feds know where the suspected terrorist was at all times, courtesy of an overflying satellite - even before the bomb went off? Dr. Rod Lewis, publisher of C.E. Chronicles and head of a scientific study network in Houston, Texas, apparently mindful of this distinct possibility, noted: “There are no reports that McVeigh had any type of mental illness, disorder, or displayed any clinical symptoms of paranoid or delusional thinking.” Lewis futher raises eyebrows when he writes: What makes this case even more interesting is that D. Louis J. West, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, was interviewed on CNN the day after the bombing as an expert on “terrorist behavior.” Dr. West was the examining psychiatrist of Jack Ruby, assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald. He is also well known for his work in mind control in the 1960s and was a proponent of the use of biochip implantation to control violence. It has been rumored that much of Dr. West's research was funded by the Central Intelligence Agency. It is now known that Dr. West will be the consulting psychiatrist for the case and that all of Mr. McVeigh's military and medical records have been closed. Dr. West's name has been mentioned in a number of books about mind control including Jim Keith's A Casebook on Alternative 3, Walter Bowart's Operation Mind Control, and Martin Cannon's white paper, "The Controllers." Is it just coincidence that of all the psychiatrists in the United States, Dr. West would be selected to oversee the psychiatric evaluation of Mr. McVeigh? It seems that in the eyes of the government there was good reason - something that they did not want others to see perhaps?

Silicon Octopus: Men Trapped Inside Electronic Cages - There is a plan to bring America into a New World Order,” writes Dwight Kinman in his insight-filled book, The World's Last Dictator. In reality, Kinman says, “The New World Order is the secret code phrase for a one world government.” This plan, Kinman adds, “is gathering momentum and accelerating with the speed of a runaway freight train:” Behind this plan are powerful, global, megaforces that are on an inexorable, relentless drive to establish, on planet earth, a super world government by the year A.D. 2000. They believe they have it almost within their grasp, and they are about to make a dash to the finish line. I am convinced by a mountain of evidence that Dwight Kinman is correct. The hidden plan for a super world government is in its final stages of completion. But, if so, why haven't the media reported it? Why are the American people so abominably ignorant and so painfully oblivious to what is happening? Why are they not more alarmed about the loss of personal privacy and freedom that is resulting from the continuing growth of Big Brother's technological chains? Is it not only the L.U.C.I.D. net, its remote sensors, its Universal Biometrics Card, and its future implantable biochip we are talking about. As invasive as this system is, Big Brother has many more tools in the realm of Black Science. In his eye-opening book, Black is Beautiful, Dr. Peter Ruckman lists some of the startling, advanced technologies being experimented with: This new bunch of barbarians - just as pagan as any B.C. Aztec witch doctor - are engrossed in: ELF zapped genes, single phase, speeding DNA transcription, microwave radiation, reciprocal and effective mass tensor points, micro-pyramid structures in “Cu Metal Flakes,” ionic crystalline structures, transduction of theta waves, videodrome signals, the earth's Power Grid Vortex, Fluxon, Spinors, Scalars, ULF effects on biosystems, and phase relationships in the wave of motions of radio frequencies.

Why are the vast majority of Americans unaware of the electronic cages prepared for them and of the looming loss of our precious heritage of constitutional rights? Jeffrey Baker, in Cheque Mate: The Game of Princes, writes: America has been dumbed, dulled and tranquilized into a state of semi-conscious existence. We have become the "Stepford Nation." We look without seeing. We listen without hearing. We experience without feeling. To paraphrase a recent commercial of the past - “I've fallen and I don't want to get up.” Dr. Peter Ruckman...has also identified the controlled media as a bottleneck preventing Americans from receiving accurate and truthful information. He calls it a “News Media Curtain:” There was a “Purple Curtain” between the Vatican and Rome from A.D. 500 to 1996. There was an “Iron Curtain” over Russia from 1945 to 1992, and there still is a “Bamboo Curtain” over China...But, in 1996, there is a “News Media Curtain” that has prevented 200,000,000 to 300,000,000 American citizens from finding out what is actually going on under their noses...What did Life, Time, Look, Newsweek, USA Today, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, US News and World Report, Fortune, Omni, and the National Geographic magazine (plus 500 "dailies") follow, while they professed to be reporting the “news”"? It had to be lethal, for sixty years of reporting failed to mention one time the total and complete destruction of every civil right you ever had under the Constitution.

Wizards at Work: Brain Implants - With the advent of the implantable biochip, the L.U.C.I.D. cybersystem could quickly become the “inner pathway” to total, human enslavement by Big Brother's mind control police. In Microwave News, Craig McCaw, whose McCaw Communications Corporation is a cellular phone giant, is quoted as suggesting that the FCC actually reserves radio wave spectrum for implants the same way the agency does for radio, TV, and cable signals. Since McCaw's corporate empire has now been bought up and merged into the AT&T colossus, Mr. McCaw's comments cannot be passed off as science fiction. The communication wizards are hard at work developing this capability. Andrew Kuper, in his Fortune magazine article, “AT&T's $12 Billion Cellular Dream,” gave us this dramatic insight: Craig McCaw is the kind of man who once suggested in all apparent seriousness - as the color drained from the face of a (corporate) PR man in attendance - that the Federal Communications Commission should reserve spectrum for telepathic communications to be made possible by brain implants he thinks will exist some day. Kuper's words, “...brain implants he thinks will exist some day,” beg comment. In fact, unbeknownst to Kuper, Mr. McCaw was not alluding to some future era, decades hence, in a 21st century America. I believe he meant what he said - that the FCC best start the process now for figuring out how to allot frequency spectra for telepathic communications made possible by brain implants currently being tested on live, human guinea pigs. Are brain communication devices and transmitters - biochips - in fact being surgically implanted in human beings? In an earlier chapter, I broached this subject. Adding to that information, I bring your attention to a book by Robert Naeslund now making waves over in Europe.

Here is some information sent to me about Naeslund's revealing, new book: Robert Naeslund's book, When the State Rapes, has been drawing a lot of attention around the world. It includes x-ray photographs showing human skulls with a variety of implants. Injectable transmitters are also featured, as well as accounts of elderly people in Naeslund's native Sweden who are getting transmitters injected into their bloodstreams. Naeslund says the transmitters produce radio waves which induce amnesia and weaken the immune system, leaving the elderly vulnerable to disease. “The inhumanity of connecting elderly defenseless people unwittingly to computers has been going on for at least ten years”, Naeslund writes. He says there is plenty of proof of the “advance towards the technocratic society, governed by the new social norms that breed inhumanity...As a natural consequence, covert surveillance systems able to control the neurological activity of the brain have been developed in secret and beyond public awareness”.

George Orwell, in 1984, his classic novel of Big Brother and a coming, totalitarian state observed that very few people are awake and alert to the machinations and manipulations of the controllers. Thus, the people, as a whole, fall victim to a colossal conspiracy out of ignorance and because of apathy and denial of reality: The people could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening.

For more information about Project L.U.C.I.D., please visit http://www.texemarrs.com/.

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