"Anyone who nonconsensually violates your brain/mind/mentation using Mengele-like methods is a Nazi pig. You do not care what a Nazi pig thinks. You do not care about a Nazi pig's opinions. You do not respond to a Nazi pig ridiculing you, threatening you, trying to distract you, or otherwise trying to manipulate you. You work to get a Nazi pig hanged." - Allen Barker, NPT Theorem

Monday, February 27, 2012

Richard Colvin

The Diplomat - Posted in Afghanistan from 2006 to 2008, Richard Colvin tried to sound the alarm on prisoners facing torture after Canadian soldiers handed them over to Afghan security forces. Private memos he wrote paved the way for his explosive testimony in Parliament. Mr. Colvin has said the Conservative government smeared him publicly rather than deal with the substance of the detainee issue (Fair Whistleblower)

habitual and copious note taker "...He joined Foreign Affairs 15 years ago, in his mid-20s, with the idea that – in the words of one source close to him – Canada might not be a major player but "we're a force for good, we stand for something." His career has been marked by a steady climb through the foreign service ranks in many of the world's hot spots: Sri Lanka, Russia, Israel, the Palestinian territories, Afghanistan and now the U.S. While in Moscow and Afghanistan, his career crossed paths with Chris Alexander, in Kabul, Canada's youngest ambassador, and now a candidate for the Conservative party. He could not be reached for comment. Colvin twice briefly worked back at foreign affairs department headquarters in Ottawa, and now serves as first secretary in the intelligence section at the Canadian embassy in Washington. Fluent in English, French and Russian, he was married briefly to a Russian woman, has no children, but does have a circle of friends who are reluctant to speak out publicly, fearing government reprisals against him. International aid workers speak glowingly of Colvin's performance as a senior Canadian diplomatic official in Afghanistan. He was known as a habitual and copious note taker, quietly absorbing and recording data as he went about the business of getting to know and understand the file. But if Colvin took it all in, he never offered political commentary during his meetings with non-governmental workers. "Richard Colvin is what I would call an old-fashioned Canadian diplomat – mild-mannered, sincere, admired and respected," said Norine MacDonald, president of the International Council on Security and Development, which operates field offices in three Afghan cities. "He genuinely believes what it says in the civil service manual about representing Canada and Canadian values..." (Richard Colvin: Portrait of a whistleblower)

abuse reports "...In one of the memos, Colvin outlined specific allegations of torture made by a detainee transferred to an Afghan prison by Canadian soldiers. But from the time Colvin arrived in Afghanistan until after he left, the government denied it had any "credible" information that would support allegations of torture. At the time, Prime Minister Stephen Harper described the published reports as "baseless allegations." Stockwell Day, who at the time was public safety minister and in charge of Corrections Canada staff in Kandahar, said the abuse reports were "false allegations" and accused the opposition in the House of Commons of believing Taliban propaganda. The current public safety minister, Peter Van Loan, who was the government House leader in 2007, was even more adamant when he said, on April 29, 2007: "We have yet to see one specific allegation of torture. If they have one, we'd be happy to chase it down..." (Diplomat flagged Afghan torture allegations)

allegations of torture "...Colvin was not the only potential witness: 22 public servants were subpoenaed by the MPCC. However, after the Department of Justice lawyers sent letters to them, all except Colvin declined to testify. Colvin's lawyer Lori Bokenfohr asserts that these letters were threatening in tone and designed to deter the recipients from testifying. Colvin's allegations were explosive because senior members of the Conservative government including Defence Minister Peter MacKay and Prime Minister Harper have repeatedly denied any knowledge of warnings about the risk of prisoners being tortured. Opposition MPs claim that there has been a cover-up. Colvin's assertions have been in the public domain since his 16-page affidavit was unsealed on October 14, 2009. A result of these revelations, a Commons committee was created to look into the allegations of torture. Colvin was subpoenaed and testfied to the committee on November 18. He described his experience of repeatedly warning senior officials about the risk of torture. He was told to stop putting his assertions in writing and in some cases his reports were censored. He also named several senior people who had received his reports and knew about his allegations..." (The Richard Colvin Case)

Richard Colvin is a Canadian diplomat who gained public attention as a witness in the Canadian Afghan detainee issue. He appeared before the Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan in late 2009 where he discussed a signed affidavit alleging that Afghan detainees turned over to Afghanistan prisons by Canadian soldiers were tortured. The events surrounding this issue, and the Conservative government's response to his testimony, were, according to many Members of Parliament, closely related to the widespread anti-prorogation protests...On December 30, 2009 Prime Minister Stephen Harper sought his second prorogation, which, according to his spokesperson, was to consult with Canadians about the economy. However, "...the move triggered immediate condemnation from opposition MPs who labelled the Conservative government's move an 'almost despotic' attempt to muzzle parliamentarians amid controversy over the Afghan detainees affair." This triggered a protest of thousands of citizens (Wikepedia).


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Victims' Stories 1999 - 2005

Caveat -- Take Care Over the Net: It should be mentioned for the benefit of anyone making contact with victims listed below that while many civilized people are to be found on the receiving end of mind control, there do, too, exist a few alleged victims that become unexpectedly confrontational. They could be provocateurs, or just upset. Therefore, it is suggested that victims be very careful about giving out their home or p. o. box addresses over the net.


Cary Adcox

American Psychotronics Victim - In his story, Cary Adcox, a technician, is prevented from finding employment by, he suspects, government agents working behind the scenes. He feels that he has brain implants due to the close interfacing of himself with the very minds of agents, and to xray results. Besides physically torturing him and modifying his thoughts, the controllers seem to be interested in going through his engineering knowledge. Cary has been aware of the controllers for five years. Moving to Europe did not help, as they followed him, the same experience that others have had. Cary Adcox added the following article: The End of The Constitution
E-mail: ccadcox@aol.com


Marla Allison

American Remote Tracking and Monitoring Victim. Today, September 20, 1996, I received a letter from Marla Allison, who's new to the Internet, for help in finding other victims and supporters on the Internet. She says: While living and working in Europe approximately 1 year ago, I became aware and have come to understand that I am being monitored by some sort of tracking device. I have an incredible story to tell but more important to me is how I can get help for what is happening. I would also be interested to hear from others who have similar experiences around RMN or EMF. You can email Marla Allison at marla@web.apc.org



Russian American Australian Shepherd. Airborn Ray Gun Bashing Victim. Note: Angel died June 17, 1997 of paralyzing beams that made her unable to get up most of the day, creased her face, and made her fall in her own feces while I was out. - Ed Light I'm Ed Light, and my dog Angel is a victim too. She actually does all the work on the web. Ho ho - just kiddling. After being de-sexed by a surgeon in an operation by a CIA trained Salvadorean Death Squad cadre, she has to take CIA/military radio tortures for the rest of her life since I rescued her from Peruvian fascists who very likely stole her from a Russian dance troupe (she used to leap and do fancy running that varied with speed). Give a click here for her story. I have digitized it for her. She gets to the nitty-gritty of our daily existence. Angel tells me that some day she and I will be remembered as heroes in post-military industrial complex, post-fascist mind control, freedom of thought museums, books, songs, and videos. And you too will be a true hero if you spread the word against mind control, while all those underhanded lower forms of life who supported it will be ashamed to show up anywhere!


Mojmir Babacek

Czechoslovakian Activist - Psychotronics Victim. Mojmir Babacek immigrated to the United States as a human rights activist. He found his thoughts invaded by the FBI. Having returned to Czechoslovakia, Mojmir writes of his experiences and important little-known history of both Russian and American psychotronics. He also has a petition victims can join, and ideas on writing to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Here's the link to Mojmir Babacek's page. It actually gives insights into collusion between Russian and American fascist mind controllers! In September 1998 Mojmir released his major work, Psychoelectronic Threat to Democrary. Mojmir Babacek. E-mail: mbabacek@telecom.cz P.O. BOX 52 511 01 Turnov Czech Republic Europe


Dave Bader

American Psychotronics and Implant Victim. Dave Bader is another victim of psychotronics and implantation who used to maintain The Think Tank Web Site. He now seems to have left the Net. Here at the MCF is a page which is a compilation from The Think Tank. It contains Dave's story, poetry, a list of references with excerpts, descriptions of the psychotronics technology, and an article on the removal of Dave's jaw implant, given to him by a dentist! Click here for the Dave Bader Page. Click here for two pictures of the implant removal operation. Dave Bader's email used to be: dbader@nwlink.com


Elizabeth Bain

American Psychotronics Victim. In her story Elizabeth Bain relates how she has been used as a psychotronics victim since October, 1994. It's a story of total betrayal by those whom she should be able to trust. Psychotronics victims get harassed by elements on the ground who are linked up to the mind control signals in order to join in the victims' thoughts and blow their minds; Elizabeth has received a full dose of this tactic. The story goes into great detail of how the "controllers" entered her very soul and pinned her down, and how she has managed to get along with it somehow. Contact information: If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: GdVbr8ion@aol.com or call my daytime work phone between 8 a.m and 10 p.m.: (818) 506-5707.



Australian Victim of a Remotely Beamed Dream. This is an e-mail I received here at the MCF from another website author. His website lead me to the Military Secrecy web resource (after several consecutive pages). Perhaps his listing of this type of thing has lined him up to be a victim. In the message, Belgrave describes being ravaged by an electronic nightmare. The dream sounds quite plausible to any of us who have had similar experiences (for instance, the holograms I describe in my own Victim's section, below - E.L.).


Robert Born

German Victim of Drugging by Secret Police. Robert Born found that the German secret police were putting addictive drugs in his drinks. When he went to the medical profession for help they would not investigate the drugging but instead pronounced him a mental case. Robert is avoiding being put away by an unscrupulous doctor. He writes of a coverup and the suppression of evidence in his case by attorneys, and asks for any help anyone can give him in finding a proper lawyer. The story is available both in the original German version and in Robert's English translation. He asks for help in doing a better translation (I've fixed it up a bit already). Also here is the Robert Born UNO rights Claim file in German (html version of uno1.exe, below). Robert Born's new email is: cyberhamlet@web.de and robert.born@easyclick.ch His web site can viewed at:http://born.online.de Robert includes his address since the above email link may not stay current: Robert Born Wilhelminenplatz 15a D-64283 Darmstadt GERMANY Tel: 06151/23112


Steve Bratcher

American Victim / Ex-Agent-Experimentee - Steve Bratcher was a government agent in Orlando, Florida when he and a friend volunteered for a "Top-Secret Experiment in which audiograms and biosurgical procedures were to be conducted on them." In fact, unspeakable remote-controlled tortures were conducted and the experimentees held against their will. Steve escaped to write this short account. He says that one experimentee appeared to be a MIA held as a John Doe. Steve Bratcher's email address at skbimse@aol.com is no longer current.


Tannie Braziel

American Psychotronic Torture Victim. Tannie Braziel is a paralegal in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is a Black professional who owns her own paralegal and publishing business, Amazon Paralegal Services. She is also the victim of a particularly vicious electromagnetic attack involving racially and sexually slurring voices and battering sensations. They are ordering her to give up her business. Tannie's web site Amazon Web World thus includes a Mind Control section; the link to it is at the top of the home page. Therein Tannie describes her situation, gives some valuable history and legal precedents regarding the experiments, and includes the letter she wrote to the Federal Communications Commission. Her story is also reproduced here with a few extra links to MCF resources. You can email Tannie Braziel at tbraziel@amazonco.com


T. Casey Brennan

American MK-ULTRA Victim. In his own words: [Conjurella and Conjurella Fever are MCF Archives files.] I'm T. Casey Brennan, Warren comics writer from the 1970s, listed in the 1998 Who's Who in America. In 1996, I wrote Conjurella, which I'm not sure is a dream or a repressed memory. You can read Conjurella, and appending notes at the T. Casey Brennan Archives from Austin, Texas, [and the MCF Archives] and more about me as a comic book writer at the Canadian T. Casey Brennan: Man or Mystery page. Conjurella is about a hypnotist I knew as a little boy. Dr. E of Hopeville in the story is actually J.H. Earnshaw, D.O., of Port Hope, Michigan. "Conjurella" is actually my late aunt, Bonnie Goodrich. "Kathy Malarkey" is actually Katherine Schlorke. Conjurella alleges that I was kidnapped by Dr. Earnshaw and David Ferrie, and forced to initiate the shooting from the Texas School Book Depository Building. Recently, I wrote Conjurella Fever, which is not a dream or a repressed memory at all. It deals primarily with my life at a Berkeley commune in the mid-1980s, when one of their members attempted to kill Charles Manson in prison. In April 1998 the author sent in these updates: Conjurella DTT. Conjurella Messiah: Necronomicon Monks [Adult Content]. May 1998: A student movement in Hong Kong is underway demanding international attention to T. Casey Brennan's allegations that he was kidnapped in 1963, and forced to shoot JFK. Their web address is... http://www.adw.com.hk/bonnie/tcasey.htm Brennan links at other sites: Fair Play for Casey Committee Crow Enterprises Das VRINDA-Guetzli-Projekt Illuminati 'R' Us Speak Out For Animals Books and Stories. E-mail for T. Casey Brennan: tcaseybrennan@yahoo.com



American Psychotronic Brain Implant Victim Website Author. Brian's Government Psychiatric Torture anti-mind control Web Site is a total work of art and graphic design. It's also engagingly informative, including reference materials. He has unbelievably detailed MRI (magnetic-resonance-imaging) scans of his head showing multiple implants used in conjunction with remote electronic mind-control. These are downloadable for your collection, and they will certainly "blow anybody's mind!" He has authored a comprehensive explanation of the scans. Once you've seen the implants, you'll love the Usenet Responses (in the Archives). Brian can be reached at: resistor@mk-resistance.com or brian@mk-resistance.com


Mike Cab

American Psychotronics Victim. Mike Cab wrote your editor: Please add me to the mind-torture victims. My initial torment started in 1977, as did yours. My initial audible voice, I heard while sitting in the dentist chair, in 1977, just after having a tooth filled with amalgam (silver mercury filling). I immediately confronted the dentist, who called my mother ( I was 17 at the time), who immediately sent me for a psychological evaluation (schizophrenic). Yes, instantly discredited and invalidated me and my claims, suspicions, etc..., by having me mis-diagnosed. If there is anyone out there, who has some answers to similar problems, please contact me ASAP. Mike Cab mikey@mail.iamerica.net Views/Opinions: http://cust.iamerica.net/mcab/imc.htm


Lee and Farren Carroll

American Psychotronics and Harassment Victims. Driven from their home, forced to live with relatives, and all the while being tortured by electromagnetic means, Lee Carroll and her daughter Farren believe they know the identity of the perpetrators. Lee happened to hear a man call a radio show claiming to be a whistle blower. He exposed "two little known agencies are known as the M.J.T.F or the Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force and FINCEN or Financial Crimes Network." In Lee Carroll's account, she gives the details and appeals to people to spread the story and to write to her at the following address: Lee & Farren Carroll 1006 W. Downer Place Aurora, IL 60506 USA


Blanche Chavoustie

American Victim-Activist. Blanche Chavoustie is the USA contact for ACHES-MC, the Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors - Mind Control. A comprehensive interview of Blanche was done by Wayne Morris on the CKLN-FM Mind Control Series. She's a victim of various US experiments. Blanche sent a collection of images which shows remote controlled implants, and incoming beams showing up in photos. Beams showing up on film are not uncommon among select mind control victims. Included is an unexplained rash; I assume it's like the arm wounds suffered by Joan Siegemund. E-mail: c4ixxx@aol.com


Margo Cherney

Margo Cherney writes that she has been victimized by neuro-electromagnetic technology since February 1992. The perpetrators have caused her the loss of her children, her privacy, and her dignity. She experiences physical pain, altered moods, and an unending stream of words meant to ridicule, degrade and torment her on a 24-hour basis, as well as a host of other effects. If you would like to correspond with Margo, send e-mail to mpc2961@yahoo.com


Ian Clark

Australian Psychotronic Torture Victim - The story of Ian Clark tells of an... electronic brain Implant, Implanted during an operation I had in Blacktown Hospital, Blacktown Sydney in 1963 an Tonsillectomy [same as Jay Kats], since then even in my childhood I was Tortured but not to the extent I am today... Ian's torture is massive, both physically and mentally. He has been made to lose two houses, finds it hard to relate, and experiences crippling discrimination in employment and medical care. Driven into precarious ill health, Ian has lost 20 teeth and became impoverished.

E-mail: tortured@unforgettable.com Any correspondence to: Ian Clark P.O. Box 565 Southport QLD Australia 4215


Mark Cohen

American Psychotronics Victim - Mark Cohen's story tells how his promising studies in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison were interrupted by the CIA. Impeding his studies and employability, the psychotronics brigades made Mark a pincushion for their remotely beamed bodily experiments as well as their mind attacking holgraphic dreams. E-mail: mdcohen@itis.com or markcohen@igc.apc.org


Gregory Cousins

American Psychotronics Victim - This document is from Gregory Cousins who is a victim and will be filing a lawsuit against high ranking officials for allowing these invisible laser atrocities to take place. This lawsuit is in the beginning stages. To quote from the document: .. it began as a low intensity laser beam at the left side of my head. ... the lasers ... turned into holy torture. They use people like me for several different things. To learn how to control others' behavior is only one of them. Humans run on electricity. ... These small voltages and frequencies can easily be beamed across vast distances. After many decades of mastering this, they are now able to control many different types of human behavior. Gregory Cousins' newest e-address is: GCousins2@aol.com In August 1997 Greg sent a message for other victims. An update to this message was added on January 9th, 2000



American Psychotronics Victim - According to David, while working for the United States Postal Service he became a target of electronic harassment. Changing states with the US has not brought relief. He says that the authorities were involved with a drug house that was on his postal route, the fence of which he unfortunately ran into with the postal vehicle he was driving. The story is taken from his Postal Inpectors, Mind Control and Harassment web site. E-mail: david@goingpostal.org David doesn't have his own computer, so including a phone number or address in an E-mail message to him will help him respond.



American Massive Harassment Victim -- Electronic, Chemical, Break-in, Psychotronic. Dee's story is sent by a victim who recognized similar tactics by the antagonists is Vera's story. It is of an episode of several years that fortunately ended around 1995. The harassment of Dee and her husband and children began with sounds and voices coming from the walls. This intensified to include intrusive programs replacing radio shows [this has been my experience too - ed.]. Dee and her husband left tape recorders running and have tapes of break-ins. The intruders poisoned them with chemicals, sabotaged their cars, wired their electricity to an unknown draining circuit, borrowed items, and changed combinations in locks. Finally one child developed serious unexplained rashes. Dee had to quit her job, and the authorities were no help, separating them from their children for a time. Dee's E-mail: LadyxMajic@aol.com


Mr. D

Electronic Harassment Victim - Good day everybody out there the story I have to share with you is mind blowing (how appropriate) . Not only have I been tried to murder several times, not all discussed even in my story, but after one animal pet already lists as casualty you can add my para-kite Timmy who died because of shared criminals. The harassing I go through everyday, mind analyzing, body influencing, neuro influencing are all described in the first comprehensible version of my story. The material you will read will sound beyond limits but since these activities happen so often on me it is part of my every day life. What I plan to achieve with this is to somehow get the people's attention that the harassing of people in these ways are no fairytales . If people believe they know more than me or want to correspond with me regarding this very subject please feel freely to do so via EMAIL; davomania@hotmail.com Since I have a house address included, perhaps some scanner detecting freak can scan for discussed signals opening the way for anybody who likes to be invincible in court... who knows what my true story can mean huh. Not one percent of my story is misleading or untrue, I swear on my families grave and mine. Believe us... truth will come out


Michael Donovan

American Psychotronics - Drugging - Racketeering Victim. Here is Michael Donavan's introduction to his court case: Mind contol used to stop knowledge of the real motive behind both WACO and flight 800. Because this came from childhood training at the very top of naval intelligence (Time Magazine-media), it is hard for the general public to understand. A civil Rico (2:98cv762) has been filed in Norfolk, VA. The case follows. The plaintiff can be contacted at michaeldonovan@ddaccess.com Michael Donovan is giving out the basics of the "new geometry", (or Robert Pavlita's geometry), used in Russian psychotronics, which has been known to western governments since 1984. It has been suppressed (see case, above). He has a new web site for this, The Geometry of Robert Pavlita. Note that the first page continues using the link in the upper left of it.


Sheila Epstein

American Psychotronics Victim seeks others for symptom comparisons Sheila Epstein sends this message for other victims of Psychotronics: Victims of Mind Control: I am extremely concerned about "similar illnesses" affecting victims of Mind Control experimentation. We are constantly being exposed to large (unnatural) amounts of pulsed RF and EM which has to have a negative impact on our body systems. I suspect these illnesses are the cumulative result of years of exposure. The following illnesses are mentioned most frequently: Pernicious anemia Thyroid diseases Leukopenia (low white blood cell count) Neurological problems (MS like symptoms) Anyone displaying any of the above or other related illnesses please contact me at SheilaMed@AOL.com or phone 561-963-4118 (newest number - 2-99) Also see her movement to get victims in the Washington Post (1-99).


Spence Everson

Mind Control Victim. Steve is a victim of at least 23 years of drugging and hypnotic mind control in California. His story includes some basic anti- mind control guidelines, although I am not a deprogrammer. The book form of my story will be available later by contacting Aresister@aol.com.


George Farquhar

My Personal Experiences of being used as a Remote Mind Control Experiment by the Intelligence Agencies. George Farquhar e-mail: pro_freedom_uk@yahoo.com. I believe I have been remotely monitored by the intelligence agencies "Mind Control Police" since 1984. Microwave radiation attacks and Remote Mind Control Experiments started in 1997 while in Canada and have continued in Europe. I have also experienced : police burglaries, police and "black" helicopter harassment's, and continual police surveillance since 1994. Last year in 1998 I decided to dedicate my life to exposing the Mind Control Police. Since then, members of my family are now being subjected to police harassments and Psychotronic attacks. I have opened a website, Project Freedom, toward the expose' of Remote Mind Control Weapons used by the intelligence agencies against society. A peaceful protest is being planned to take place at the House of Commons, London on 19th October 2000, regarding this atrocity of human rights abuse. Check out http://www.isleofavalon.co.uk/local/h-pages/pro-freedom/peaceful.html for more details. You can view George's Story here.


Maurice Fernandez

East Indian Canadian Remote Psychotronics Victim - Maurice Fernandez is extremely bitter about what is happening to him in Canada, where he has immigrated. He had his story up at his web site, which is temporarily down. He says he's the brunt of provocateurs backing up remotely beamed mind torture; that's the same thing that's happening to most other psychotronics victims. Maurice Fernandez's new E-mail as of 11-98 is mcjf1@home.com


S. Flowers

American Ritual Abuse Victim - S. Flowers is the pen name for a ritual abuse victim whose story tells of predators who are in league with the authorities. The author and her daughter are abused by various parties and cannot get help, as the authorities who should make good remove restraining orders and give inappropriate therapy. They may be involved in the abuser cults. The child sexual abuse described reminds one of the way child spies are recruited (see the CKLN-FM transcript on Claudia Mullen). E-mail: safetyforkids@hotmail.com


John Ginter

American Psychotronics Victim - Like John Lambros, John Ginter was experimented on while in the US prison system. John's story goes into the history of mind control, and what he learned about it firsthand. He names some of the perpetrators he had personal contact with, exposing how a prison doctor resigned because his diagnosis of Sirhan Sirhan as a hypnotized programmed assasin was dismissed. In 1967 in San Quentin prison the psychotronic assaults started. John says that they concentrated on altering his political beliefs. He had apparently angered the wrong people with them. Send "To John Ginter" c/o Cheryl Welsh: welsh@calweb.com (916) 758-1626


James Henry Graf

American Whistleblower -- Psychotronics Victim - Taken from his wonderful web site, James Henry Graf's story is a wonderfully written literary masterpiece. Through it runs a thread of human decency and justice. James actually covers the perpetrators with more knowledge than many victims have, as they were operating from his workplace. He says: In 1984 and 1985, I blew the whistle on civil liberties violations involving persons at my workplace and corrupt police, prosecutors, and intelligence agents. The gangsters, government and "private," whose crimes I had tried to reveal invaded my privacy, slanderously attacked my character and reputation, impugned my sanity, assaulted me with radiation and bio-chemical weapons, killed my dog, and tortured me with electromagnetic weapons. James Graf has created the Human Rights Forum, a fancy message board for mind control victims. E-mail: jhgraf2@earthlink.net


Milton D. Grindstaff

Military and Research Victim View Mr. Grindstaff story as a Military and research Victim.


Barbara Hartwell

American MKULTRA Survivor - Barbara Hartwell is a survivor of the CIA's MKULTRA and Phoenix Project. She was utilized for many years as a mind controlled operative and professional CIA asset. FBI Senior Special-Agent-in-Charge (ret.) Ted Gunderson has endorsed her credibility and documented the harassment and political persecution which followed the breaking of her programming and her refusal to allow the CIA to get returns on their "investment". Her story is in the form of a letter. You will find both her old appeal and a more recent and urgent appeal for contributions to Legal Defense and Research Fund. Dear Friends and Advocates of Freedom and Justice For All: Please see my new website: http://www.ulster.net/~babs7/ You'll find articles on Gov't Mind Control, CIA Black Ops, Harassment of Targeted Individuals and more.... The webmaster is my dear friend and fellow researcher, Dr. Bruce Cornet. Bruce has volunteered his time and expertise and he's done a great job on this site. New articles and some great photos of field research on the Special Ops Training Base in Pine Bush, NY and the EG&G Rotron facility in Woodstock, NY are soon to come. Check it out ! And please tell your friends. Thanks and God Bless. Babs Barbara Hartwell - Legal Defense and Research Fund (for the protection of constitutional and human rights) PO Box 832 Woodstock, NY 12498 E-mail: babs7@ulster.net Phone: 914-247-0058v


Kathy Heckman

American Psychotronics Victim - In Kathy Heckman's story, The Echoes of Idiots, she says: We've all had friends who loved to hear themselves talk; now we have civil servants who like to hear us think what they talk. This is supposed to drive us crazy, and I can almost grasp their genius. Listening to them can drive one crazy and hearing ones mind echo their nonsense is akin to being locked in an echo chamber with Tiny Tim's "Tiptoeing Thru the Tulips" playing nonstop. I know, because since 1994 I've been subjected to the echoes of idiots. Kathy relates so vividly, and with sparkling humor, the psychological ploys of the controllers who appear in psychotronics victims' minds and wage their psy-war against fellow-citizens of their own country! A great inspiration for other victims not to break down under the brainwashing, which attempts to teach you that you're a worthless idiot who can't have any normal relationships. Kathy, as of October 1997, is offering free mind control bumper stickers !!! Kathy Heckman's E-address is echoes4444@hotmail.com Note that in 1-99 a fourth "4" was added. Her street address: Kathy Heckman P.O. Box 1373 Angels Camp, CA 95222 may have changed to P.O. Box 1744 San Andreas, CA 95249



American Psychotronics Victim - Heveab is the pseudonym chosen by a remote beam torture victim for her net appearance. Heveab's story tells of a professional, working nurse who began to be tortured by electronic waves after complaining about a Mafioso neighbor. She goes through extreme nervous system invasion and can't sleep, as well as experiencing break-ins where her papers are stolen. Tragically, Heveab became so allergic to rubber that she couldn't work at a hospital any more. Her efforts to make a living thereafter are forever thwarted by the "controllers," and she has had to move in with her parents. Behind the scenes, perpetrators cut her off from support from friends and working associates. Her former landlord had dropped plans to build her an allergy-safe room environment. The police lose records of her complaints. E-mail for Heveab: Send "To Heveab" c/o Ed Light mcf@mk.net


Janine Jones

New Zealander Psychotronic Implant Victim - Janine Jones' story includes images which include the brain implants she received as a baby in 1949, and radiation patterns on her window. A petition against the Crown of New Zealand details her struggle since the implants have been activated, destroying her professional and personal lives. A health professional confirms in writing the presence of the implants and their harmful effects, a document most implant victims have yet to posses. Letters of recommendation attest to Janine's character and professional standing. Update: Metal Electrodes verified by Graeme Marlow Macdonald, MB BS, Neurosurgeon, Auckland Hospital, New Zealand, as being embedded deep within the ear sockets under the temporal plates. See the second image. E-mail: Janine_Skywalker@yahoo.com


Joyce and Earl

From Oregon - American Psychotronic Victims - Joyce and Earl tell their story about being the victims of psychotronic assault since 1994. Their hope is that "other victims will come forward and print their story. All victims must rally together and make the crimes being committed against us public knowledge." Their story tells of broadcasting which began when new neighbors arrived next door in. They speak of what happened and of the frustration when no one would help them.


Judith ABR

American Victim of a Chemical, EMF, and Implant War - According to Judith: Born into an Air Force family, I have endured situations which led me to seek safety by filing law suits to bring out the lab results of intentional toxic poisoning and electro-magnetic frequency assaults in my residence, work environment and vehicles from 1992 to the present time, with the most intense assaults going on the first two years, beginning on Halloween 1993. Judith now tells her story (updated 6-98), with a more detailed account in the works. She found that records for an operation during which she received an unwanted uterine implant are missing. This has made it hard to try to prosecute the medical perpetrators in court. Included with the story are two published articles written by Judith. All materials here are copyrighted by Judith ABR, 1998. E-mail: jabr333@cs.com


Ed Kats and Family

Ukrainian American Psychotronic Implant Victims - Ed Kats and his son Jay received brain implants during supposedly routine operations. They have a clear xray of two of the devices, available here. Two major hospitals on the San Francisco Bay Peninsula in the state of California, USA were involved. Surprisingly, one of them did the revealing xrays (must be differing factions there?). Ed sent me their story and appeal in an email, presented here. He would like the implant program to become common knowledge. In May 1997 the Kats Web Site went on the air - Welcome to the World of Human Guinea Pigs. Ed feels that they have a crucial story for the public to know about. He also offers T-shirts with appropriate graphics. You can email Ed Kats and his family at their new (1-1-97) email address: edwardj@jps.net. Ed needs to contact Gordon Thomas, author of Journey Into Madness, CIA mind control. If you can help, please email him at the above address.


Deanna Kline

American Psychotronic Implant Victim - I am an intercerebral implantee and human test subject and have been since the middle 1960's. If anyone would like first-hand input about what it's like to be a human guinea pig feel free to contact me. E-mail: licketysplit@cysource.com


Martti Koski

Finnish Victim and Web Site Author. Martti's story, My Life Depends on You, (also in the Archives) is an important document, and a perfect introduction to anyone concerned about mind-control, especially the remote electronic kind. He tells how anyone can help free him and the rest of the prisoners of psychotronics. Martti has his own web site with more mind control information and links, including more victims' stories, as he's compiling a collection there. You can email Martti at: makako@netti.fi


John Lambros

American Implant Torture Victim and Web Site Author - John Lambros, a stockbroker and international businessman, was arrested in Brazil asd illegally denied bail. He was then used in the CIA's mind control brain implant program. Now in Leavenworth Prison in the United States and crippled by the remote-control implants, John has a web site which hosts his story, a plan for legal action, decumentation of his struggle, and sections about several other victims not listed here at the MCF. The first link at the site is the story - "Congress Asleep at the Switch Again." This includes images of documentation such as medical reports from MRI scans showing implants. The second, "Anyone Out There Have Implants?", is an organizational message to all implant victims and anyone who was involved in the program. Browsing down the links we find lots of correspondence with victims, researchers, authorities, and so forth, as well as links to other sites. And, of course, a boycott of Brazil!

The great Boycott Brazil web site is at: http://members.aol.com/BrazilByct You can email John Lambros at: BrazilByct@aol.com


David Lee

Chinese Scottish Victim of Remote Control Experiments, Mind Control Book Seller - David Lee moved to the UK from China at the age of five. Now 34, he earned a BSc in college and applies his scientific knowledge to this account of his being a subject of remote mind control experiments. Unlike many victims, David experienced alot of aerial flybys and even hovering helicopters. He is able to chronicle military air activity in detail. Profiles of the actors that appear to David in holographic visions are included (they somehow get into your eyes in color, and into your inner ears in stereo; see Alan Frey's original paper in the Archives on broadcasting voices on microwaves). You can read David Lee's story and view the accompanying photos of the planes, a radar base, and irradiated grass. In December of 1996 David set up shop as a mail-order mind control book seller. To see what he has to offer visit his bookshop web site Lee Books and Media. E-mail: minititious@etheriousland.fsnet.co.uk


George Li

Taiwanese Psychotronics and Harassment Victim. Since Alan Yu wrote about the Taiwanese mind control apparatus that he discovered while an officer in the armed services, a victim of that part of the Taiwanese authorites has surfaced -- George Li. George Li's story will be updated frequently. Part 1 tells how he is followed by vehicles constantly honking their horns. This resembles Cheryl Welsh's story, as she says she is followed by red cars. George would especially like to locate other Taiwanese victims. E-mail: late@writeme.com


Ed Light

American Psychotronics Victim. Hi, I'm Ed Light, the keeper of the MCF pages, born in 1947. You'll see my skull xrays showing how it melted down over the years from the radar or whatever it is. Hint: 2.45 gigahertz is used to pulse carbon dioxide, producing laser beams. This frequency was measured by victim Glen Nichols (find his story linked from this page) on an Optoelectronics HandiCounter Model M1 frequency counter. Also, I detail the unbelievable saga of trying to escape the beams in the light rail tunnel under the San Francisco Bay. My summary of my predicament as of 1995 has been added, as well as my answer to a letter asking to describe, in detail, all the holograms that I see. Finally, my letter to Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary has been added. The result is that I can't get any compensation because they believe that I'm not being exposed to ionizing radiation. Also, don't miss my new song of January 1998 - The Mind Control Base !! It's the last thing on my page. You can email me at mcf@mk.net. I may not get back since I've been a bit debilitated and lots of email comes in. For help from an activist try Cheryl Welsh.



From Australia. Lonewolf writes: I was wondering if you could leave a message on your site requesting Australian victims to contact me ... it's pretty lonely out here in Australia :-) E-mail: lonewolf@ay.com.au


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hacking & Computer Crime in General

ISP and surveillance ­ "...When the FBI supplies one or more ISPs with all the information it has on a targeted individual, ideally the ISP then gives the FBI all of the information that individual is uploading or downloading via the ISP's network. The ISP programs its networks to flag, for instance, an e-mail message travelling to the IP address associated with the surveillance target. The network then knows to grab this message when it reaches one of the ISP's network hubs. All of these snagged e-mails are then turned over to the FBI. This is all perfectly legal according to digital wiretapping laws. The problem that has come to light may have already occurred to you if you've been using the Internet for more than five minutes: IP addresses can be disguised, and apparently no one uses his real name (or even his criminal alias) online. Just ask MySpace. Or ask the programmers who build spam-filtering software that catches maybe 1 percent of the spam attempting to slam our inboxes every day. So what's the FBI to do when the ISPs can't identify the IP address associated with a particular suspect? According to CNET and its sources, which include current and former FBI agents and at least one former employee of the Justice Department's Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, the agency just takes everything and sorts it out back at home. In this funneling approach, if the FBI requests everything an ISP has on a surveillance target, and the ISP is unable to identify the IP address associated with that target, the FBI takes entire chunks of data from the ISP's network database and looks through it for the information it needs. This data could include communications and Web-surfing histories on people not named in the court order and not suspected of any crime..." (Is the FBI reading my e-mail?)

hackers will find value - "...Many companies and individuals assume that their networks or computers would not be of interest to a hacker. The truth is, hackers aren't necessarily always after data that they can steal. Hijacked computers can be just as lucrative for them, as new additions to their stables of zombie computers and botnets. When they get into a computer, they install a backdoor that allows them to access the computer again later to command to send spam, disseminate illicit materials or take part in hacking campaigns against other computers. In most cases, with the speeds of current computers and internet connections, the computer user may never notice that their computer has been compromised...Even if a computer is literally empty with no data, let alone any data of value, hackers still find value in it. Even a computer with no data has raw computing power and an internet connection, which can be exploited for a number of nefarious schemes..." (Hackers Target Your Computer)

computer related harassment - "...Cell or Mobile Phones, unless you have no way of other means of communication, do not use cell or mobile phones. These devices can be use to zap you or attack you with radiation. Cell phone can also use for harassment and tracking devices. Be very aware of the mobile companies who are also used to make sure that targeted individuals accumulate bills/debts. It is also used for unsolicited telemarketing and other harassments calls like the most common, ‘wrong number calls”...PC, when it comes to hacking, targeted individuals will experience several computer crashes even with anti-virus software stored or used. The perpetrators will have access to your computer at home and at work. They will have access to your personal files. They will used and manipulate your files so that you will feel violated and induced the feeling of you have something to hide....USB, If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about but just in case they got crazy, protect yourself by saving your personal files using external devices like USB and discs. Avoid visiting sex related internet sites as they can use this to harass you even if you think that there is nothing wrong with this as you are an adult. Keep your personal documents out of your hard drives and have a paper copies...Social Media, do not get mad if you cannot download your files faster or if you loss connections while downloading your files to you tube and other social network. These are part of the harassments. You will received friend requests from people you don’t know and other comments, that seeks your attentions or opinions on facebook. If you decided to use social media as your platform, be ready with all the harassments. Sometimes it will test your patience. And again, do not assume everyone is there to harass you. Despite all the manipulations of your internet use, treat all the social network, other web-sites and internet uses as platform for your activism and as networking tool to reach out and meet new friends...Blog, If you are maintaining a blog, expect typos and errors. Sometimes your mind can’t keep up with the harassments and you will type several spelling or grammatical errors. Do not loss your cool. Nobody is perfect. Sometimes you will have your web-site being manipulated. Sometime even the clock date display on your PC and web-sites you regularly visits will be manipulated and changed. All to make you feel confused. Make sure to have a paper calendar and other reliable source of info...Jobs, If you are looking for a job, you’ll notice visible job ads both online and newspaper that matches or appeared to be tailored made to your credentials, you’ll apply for it and will received automatic replies saying, the person you contacted is on maternity leave or not available and the e-mail will give another contact person. This is another example of cyber harassment. You can check this by trying to use the same e-mail in a few days and weeks and you will get the same results. I found this accidentally when I try to add all my contacts using the invite options at LinkedIn web site and facebook. I received the same automatic replies from the organizations or person I e-mailed for job ads long time ago. It is unusual or even weird for all these people to be pregnant or on leave at the same time! Make a list of all the companies/person and avoid them. You don’t want to be associated or work for organizations or companies who participate in crimes..." (Electronic Harassments)

Computer crime, or cybercrime, is an evolving international phenomenon. People and businesses in Canada and other countries may be affected by computer crimes that may, or may not originate within the borders of their country. What is computer crime? From a Canadian perspective, the most appropriate definitions may be those contained in the Council of Europe – Convention on Cybercrime [1] (November 23, 2001). Canada contributed, and is a signatory, to this international of criminal offences involving the use of computers: Offences against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and systems; Computer-related offences; Content-related offences; Offences related to infringements of copyright and related rights; and Ancillary liability. Canada is also a signatory to the Additional Protocol to the Convention on cybercrime, concerning the criminalization of acts of a racist and xenophobic nature committed through computer systems (January 28, 2003). As of July 25, 2008 Canada had not yet ratified the Convention on Cybercrime or the Additional Protocol to the Convention on cybercrime, concerning the criminalization of acts of a racist and xenophobic nature committed through computer systems (Wikepedia).


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gang Stalking and Harrassment

the perfect crime - "...Community-based harassment is a grown-up version of school yard bullying. Multiple individuals within a community participate in the harassment and stalking of a single individual. However, rather than attack a victim physically, techniques are used to undermine a person psychologically. This can be far more damaging than a physical attack because not only is it very hard to prove, but it is extremely traumatizing for the victim. (Also known as cause stalking or gang stalking). What sets community-based harassment apart from the related examples to the right is that the reason it takes place is often obscure to the victim. Without a solid reason for its occurrence, victims are often dismissed as delusional. In addition, this form of harassment often leaves the target a victim of ridicule among friends and family because of the subtle nature of the attacks, which further compounds the trauma to the victim. It is emotionally draining and isolating to the victims because it is extremely difficult to prove, and virtually impossible to prosecute...Although it is difficult for a non-victim to understand, it is not difficult to realize that many schoolyard bullies have never outgrown their unhealthy ways of dealing with conflict and pain. Reasons may include revenge by people who feel slighted but prefer to remain anonymous. Revenge is more common than you may think, especially with the advent of the internet which allows "revengists" or "avengers" to share their ideas. See http://www.ekran.no/html/revenge/ or do a search on the word "revenge" to see for yourself. It is also possible that such harassment has developed into a form of "sport" for the individuals who participate, not unlike a schoolyard bullying situation, which tends to center somewhat obsessively and irrationally around one individual who is perceived to be weak. It is important to realize that our society's understanding of human psychology has grown exponentially over the last 50 years, allowing any hate or vigilante group to take full advantage of such knowledge. "Psychological warfare" is the perfect crime, because it causes the maximum damage to the victim, with the least chance of exposure of the perpetrator(s). Victims can very well be driven to suicide, while the explanation appears to be mental illness, so their claims are never investigated..." (What is Community-based Harassment?)

psychological reign of terror - "...Like our society's current obsession with "reality TV", this activity must inevitably gain popularity as the ultimate experience of "reality" entertainment. Such is the nature of the bottomless pit within the stalkers that thirsts, evermore, for greater and greater thrills. To the perpetrators, their targets are merely their prey, in a game that never ends. But make no mistake, whatever the reasoning behind it, this is a vicious and calculated hate crime. The types of activities which take place are often subtle, and sometimes cannot be distinguished from normal everyday things that go wrong, but they typically occur much more frequently than they would normally. David Lawson points out in his book, Terrorist Stalking in America, that the victim is intentionally "sensitized" to the presence of the stalkers, so he or she will know that the occurences are orchestrated. This causes intense psychological strain due to the isolation and ridicule that results when the target tries to share these experiences with others. It is a psychological reign of terror intended to make a victim look crazy and intended to keep him or her in a constant state of anxiety and stress as to "what will happen next" (also known as "hyper-vigilance")..." (Gang Stalking, An Overview )

adapt and neutralize - "...As targeted individuals become super-attentive to what is going on, eventually, he or she will realized that this will probably go on for the rest of their lives. Until some major disaster or events happened, this phenomenon will probably continue. Therefore, one must learn to adapt. One must try to neutralize the harassers’ efforts. You can achieve this by educating yourself. For example, the tactic of “entrapment.” Targets who previously had debt problems will get several credit card offers via e-mail and other media. Avoid this temptations. Those who are religious will get some nasty sex-related junk e-mail. Trashed this. Or other persistent religious e-mails that ask you to forward this to ten people or so that you’ll be bless by God, this is junk mail. Those who are actively involved in politics will get unsolicited e-mail/propaganda about their political affiliations or rival organizations. Read and delete. The main purpos of all of harassments is to manipulate someone’s emotions. To provoke a reaction. Targeted individuals must learn to adapt to this regular daily occurrences. Identify, ignore or trash it...another example of how to adapt or neutralize the harassments is, when targeted individuals decides to do activism, unsolicited news or propaganda will flow or come in via social network rigorously. All are aimed to heighten emotions. They wanted you to feel angry. They wanted you to have a strong opinion about everything. The most common is the feeling that your civil/human rights are being violated. Making targeted individuals combative and agitated. If you decide to go public, avoid to have a perception that you’re “losing it” with your public tirade and agitation..." (Organized Stalking)

Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted and obsessive attention by an individual or group to another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person and/or monitoring them via the internet. The word stalking is used, with some differing meanings, in psychology and psychiatry and also in some legal jurisdictions as a term for a criminal offense. According to a 2002 report by the National Center for Victims of Crime, "Virtually any unwanted contact between two people that directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear can be considered stalking" (Wikepedia).


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Personal Affirmations

“Laughing is a unique coping tool that can release stress, lower blood pressure and stimulate feelings of joy,”

affect a positive change - "...Daily affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself repeatedly in an effort to affect a positive change in your life. Affirmations are simple, short messages they are not meant to be complicated, confusing or negative in anyway. To ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations you must try your hardest to fill them full of emotion and desire. A positive expectant attitude will strengthen your affirmations and you will attract people and circumstance into your life that support your positive thoughts. When you are saying them to yourself you do not want to just repeat them over and over, they must be repeated with emotion and conviction for them to have a true affect on your life. Using daily affirmations to bring about a desired situation is a very positive way of controlling what goes on inside your mind and in the environment around you. You have the power to draw positive events into your life. The whole intention is to embed the positive thoughts into your sub-conscious mind. You see the way we talk to ourselves, repeating these statements over and over causes us to take what we say to ourselves as the truth. You must take control of your thoughts because the thoughts you choose to think and believe in the moment are creating your future. These thoughts form your experiences every minute of your life..." (Daily Affirmations For Positive Personal)

part of life's learning process - "...The one thing that we can all be sure of in life is that there will be the need to face change and/or changes however it may arise at various times and stages throughout our lives. Change can come in many forms and may be welcomed or feared. Change can help us to develop and evolve both on a practical and on a spiritual level. Change of any sort, whether at first it appears to be positive or negative, should be treated as part of life's learning process. As life is a learning process the degree of learning and development will naturally depend upon each one of us and our willingness and ability to see the significance of the changes that occur and to incorporate them into our lives in the most positive way possible..." (Personal Development - Positively Inspirational Quotations and Affirmations)

the present tense "...As with all positive thinking, affirmations must always be phrased in the present tense as if the desired result has already become an absolute reality. This will attract and influence Energy in accordance with The Law of Attraction, in turn creating the reality of the object of your affirmations within the inner spheres of the Universe, which reality must then in turn subsequently manifest into the physical world where the benefits can be realised. It is also important that the affirmation, like positive thinking, is never stated in the future tense, for example, "I will have a job promotion"; this implies the indefinite future, that a negative situation already exists, and the result cannot therefore manifest positively into your present reality. Rejecting all negative thoughts and replacing them only with their opposite, most positive affirmations will result in positive vibrations of Energy that will eventually manifest into your own physical life and reality in the form you most desire. An excellent time to repeat affirmations, with as much sincerity and emotion as possible, is just before drifting off to sleep at night, and just after waking in the morning before arising. At these times your conscious Mind is most in communication with your subconscious Mind and therefore the inner causal spheres of Energy. Repeat the affirmation throughout the day; write down the affirmation on notepaper and place copies of your affirmation around your home, repeating the affirmation frequently, and whenever you are reminded to do so. If you make use of a personal computer for long periods of time, it is a very good and effective idea to have a copy of your affirmation on your PC desktop utilising some appropriate software. You might not always notice the affirmation, but it will still be integrated into your subconscious Mind where it can begin its effect..." (The Proper Use of Affirmations and Subliminal Messages for Personal Power)

language to communicate will take you to where you want to go. No more sitting on the sidelines wishing you could be like someone else. Affirmations are your secret weapon on the road to success. Affirmations are the rocket pack that you plant in your mind that will blast you past everyone on the journey. Just like in Star Trek -- 'Engage number one, warp factor 9!'. No need to be a drone trudging up life's long path, personal affirmations will strip you of your self-limiting beliefs and condition your mind to attain your goals, and become a goal oriented success machine. Affirmations work. Anyone who says differently doesn't know how to create or apply them. People who've used them properly and effectively will tell you -- they work. People use affirmations all the time. Even people who say affirmations don't work use them. The assertion that 'affirmations don't work' is in itself and affirmation! A foolish and negative affirmation, but an affirmation none the less. Human kind has used affirmations in one form or another since humans have used language to communicate (Affirmations for Radical Success).

your subconscious mind - "...If you really do want to change your life, some aspect of your life, or change yourself, how you view yourself or some unpalatable behaviour or bad habit, it’s your subconscious mind that you need to impress. It holds all the keys, has its hand on all the levers and its feet on all the pedals that either get your life moving in the fast lane or, more normally, grind to a complete and juddering halt. In order to impress your subconscious mind, you’re going to have to become like a little child all over again – not childish but childlike. When you were a child you paid full attention to the reality of the moment, using all of your five senses – that is how you took onboard your current set of beliefs about the world and who you think you are. As an adult, you pay little or no attention to reality – your subconscious mind kinda makes your reality up for you as it goes along! – with all the normal consequences. You’ve got to come back to your senses, to relearn how to pay more attention to what is before your very eyes, rather than pay attention to the subconscious baggage that’s weighing you down. The normal subconscious is buried in the past. The key to your future is to be found in the present. After all, the present moment is the only place and time where life is actually lived. As such, you have to re-learn how to pay attention to what is actually going on, not what your subconscious mind, looking through its dirty lens of past events, thinks is going on. This re-learning process involves training yourself how to pay attention to what you see, feel, hear, smell and taste. In practice, what does this entail? First of all, your training has to be done in peace and quiet – you need to make space for yourself where you will not be disturbed for at least ten minutes. For a start, it is easiest to start by working one sense at a time – remember, your normal adult mind is not wired to do what you’re going to do so it will react and rebel. You will find your mind wandering and thinking useless thoughts like ‘this is silly’ or ‘this is abnormal’ – that’s the whole point of course – you want to be abnormally happy and successful..." (Do positive self-affirmations actually work?)

The theory of self-affirmation is a psychological theory that was first proposed by Claude Steele (1988) with the premise that people are motivated to maintain the integrity of the self. The ultimate goal of the self is to protect an image of its self-integrity, morality and adequacy. On the whole, integrity is defined as the sense that one is a good and appropriate person and the term "appropriate" refers to behavior that is fitting or suitable given the cultural norms and the salient demands on people within their culture. This theory explains why people respond in such a way to restore self-worth when their image of self-integrity is threatened. In this theory, people would respond to the threat using the indirect psychological adaptation of affirming alternative self resources unrelated to the provoking threat. As a result, these "self-affirmations" enable people to deal with threatening events and information without resorting to defensive biases, by fulfilling the need to protect self-integrity in the face of threat. In fact, this self affirmation allows people to respond to the threatening information in a more open and even-handed manner (Wikepedia).

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