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Friday, November 16, 2012

Compensation To The Unwitting Guinea Pigs

OTTAWA (Southam News Wire) -- The government has paid almost $7 million in compensation to the unwitting guinea pigs of federally funded brainwashing experiments in Montreal. That figure may increase as justice department officials sort through about another 50 applications from people who say they were patients of the late Dr. Ewen Cameron at McGill University's Allain Memorial Institute. Jan. 1 was the deadline for applications for the $100,000 payments announced in 1992 by then-justice minister Kim Campbell.

Although there are believed to be only 80 victims of Cameron's full "depatterning treatment" -- weeks of drug-induced sleep followed by massive electroshock treatments, reducing the patient's mind to a childhood state -- 329 applications for compensation were received, justice department lawyer Lou David said. So far, 69 people have received the lump-sum payments, while 214 were rejected, Davis said. Another 46 are still being reviewed by a four-member justice committee and Ontario Blue Cross which first screens applications. The article doesn't scratch the surface of this story -- though I'm glad they at least ran the settlement notice (Compensation To The Unwitting Guinea Pigs).

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