"Anyone who nonconsensually violates your brain/mind/mentation using Mengele-like methods is a Nazi pig. You do not care what a Nazi pig thinks. You do not care about a Nazi pig's opinions. You do not respond to a Nazi pig ridiculing you, threatening you, trying to distract you, or otherwise trying to manipulate you. You work to get a Nazi pig hanged." - Allen Barker, NPT Theorem

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Being Targeted Individual

This is my first blog as TI and I have to vent a little bit here…had sleep depravations and extreme v2k with induced dreams. Perps took over my dream (again!) and persistent on possession attack on my brain, as they continue to pretend that I am the one talking! If you want to learn about this, please see this link: OS, EH, V2K, TI. Pretty serious stuff, the normal harassment protocols on me are: threats, bullying, racial slurs, cursing, sexual innuendo/commands.

Some v2k are mostly about my perps’ shady pasts. They keep on bombarding me with their lives’ missteps as if I am the one exposing or accussing them. They are doing this kind of harassments to get serious reactions as most of the harassments involve my families/friends and they wanted guilt or embarassments. They have desperately wanted me to react and continued to twists all angles surprisingly about their shady pasts that sometimes boils down to stupidity and nastiness. As early in the morning of April 10th to this hour, 3PM, April 11th, they continued to harass me with this technique but failed misserably.

They expected the same results (suicide or quitting jobs) as what they have done in the past but unfortunately I have no job now…and as for the suicide they're desperately longing for no suicide going to happen this time.  I am very aware of their technique and its either they'll kill me with their DEW/V2K or they physically hurt me with their gang of stalker.

Also, I am using the “colorbars” audio sound to combat the V2K but they have accessed to speaker of my pc, and they are bombarding me with litany of “Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!” among other things…most of the V2K are juvenile in nature…some, I just laugh it off but its gets annoying in the long run so, I just turned it off for awhile, and presto! Silence! This probably annoys the hell out of them as they lose the rhythm of their harassments.

On my first serious harassment and while living in Toronto, I seek the help of the police but the response was “you just lack sleep.” I realized that they are very aware of the OSEH and can’t do much about it. Its either they are benefiting financially or they part of the organized crimes or like most of the perps are a blind follower of this crimes/cult. What i came to conclude is they are very much aware of this. The sad thing about my situations is, my family and most of my friends and businesses I have patronized are involved with this. Soon, I will have to named names and this is going to be very hard on my part.

As I am writing this, some of my handlers who think they possessed or own me are dictating this blog, I am filtering it to adapt to my real-time situation. I don’t know what are their evil plan but I have to go along with it as they have access to my thoughts and moves. Writing this blog is actually part of their command and its not a bad idea so I went along with it despite DEW coming out of my monitor and speaker.

The Perps’ are talking while I am typing this, giving suggestions, and as they have access to my computer, editing has always becomes a chore. While they do dictate, I just treat them like unpaid secretary or some sort of annoying critters, as what they suggested…most of them, the perps, have limited intelligence, and funny, this what they are suggesting me to write!

My Perps are using heavy S/M and masochistic attacks on me using DEW by stimulating physical assault on my head and lately, directed attacks on my feet, arms and legs. They have also attacks my private parts particularly my behind. I have swelled feet right now, and I have been incurring red bruises on my head from simulations of heavy blow on my head. While using my computer, I mostly feels pains on my tempel, sting on my eyes, and chest pain as they attack me with DEW.

Also, all of this harassments are being broadcasted globally, so if you are out there and seeing all the harassments…Most of their harassments involved member of my families and friends…some have produced pictures which were cropped, edited and produced insuating sexual activities which are very degrading and unrespectful…a serious inflications of this activities may involved, child exploitations, elder abuse, rape, invasion of privacy, sexual assaults, physical assaults, destruction of private properties, violations of anti-slavery laws, violations of universal declarations of human rights, violations of the Canadian and Ontario Charter of Human Rights and Freedom.

Most of these violations are probably broadcasts through closed circuit TV or through satellite cameras and this broadcasts has violated me, and the perps themselves believe it or not! They may have not realized it or they have just been delussional! They have invaded my privacy that even my daily routines like from taking a shower or peeing are being broadcast either visually or by audio. Speaking of peeing, the perps normally will attack me, asking me to directly look at a garbage can, perp will say repeatedly, “the one talking is garbage!” Funny thing is, and i don’t know if they realized this, I am not the one talking, they are the one talking. Maybe if they can change the harassment to “the one thinking is garbage!” would be probably more effective.

Going back to the broadcasting of harassments, this activities are not entertainment. The Perps are playing with human lives. I am not a dog, not a furniture or not a toy. This is a crime. If you are seeing the harassments on your televisions or via Internet, please think, this a crime. Watching it and participating or watching it and not doing about it are accessory to a crime. All of these are violations of human rights and existing ciminal laws. You don’t want this happen to you or your children, do you?

As a fellow human being, I am pleading your compassion, not just for me but all of you who maybe subjected to this inhuman activities with or without knowing it.

As I am writing this, one of my perps are pretending to be me again, they have done this to me before, I normally react to this with their expected outcomes, trusting that the one talking in my head was me. I used to blame myself for all the pains. The sadness, loneliness and other negative emotions are the expected emotions they desperately wanted. But despite my health/mind being attack 24/7, I started to think how to gain control of my mind and have installed the basic core of my well being prior to the all the harassments. Beliefs like knowing whats right and wrong and my belief in the goodness of others among others.

I have been bombarded with ideas on how to fights this. Mostly from the Perps themselves. I have the feeling that they wanted more out of this as they have the illussion that this are all entertainments or some sort of a video game with some points being won on each harassments phase. I also realized that there are some sort of compensation/favours being given or paid to each perps as they would not spend their time and lives harassing me. Unless, they have loss their mind and don’t know what is right or wrong and they have blinded by a blinded beliefs that why this activities are covert.

The most promising idea perp suggested was to have a campaign, entitled, “FIGHT BACK CANADA!” Like becoming militant about fighting the perps. Starting with grassroots campaigns like networking to filing petition until the message reach the public and the upper segrments of the society. I have written down some very realistic ideas and might start doing this despite the fact that my every move has being watch.

As the perps runns out of harassments, as I have uncovered every trigger they have thrown on me and they are venturing into more violent harassments, they have continue their regular protocols. Some of this protocols are: the “command harassments,” like “vacuum the floor,” “clean this room” etc, which I found was to my advantage, as to avoid the direct energy attacks. The only negative about doing this commands are the harassments protocols like rediculing how you do the chores and if you miss a spot, you’ll be subjected into more rediculing. Knowledge of basic bullying are the basis of this harassments, as the perps will put you down every possible way they can. They call you names, “loser” is the most common one but in my case, they normally will comment, “you’re a maid,” “you’re the cleaner, you deserve to be treated like one” or “you’re a slave, so you have to clean this.” While doing this chores, you’ll get some tiny breaks from the electronic attacks, moving constantly is the secret but eventually if the dew is scheduled the attacks will find you or part of your body even while being mobile.

Another regular harassment protocol was the “karaoke, karaoke” command, This is pattern to specific TI, as every TIs has different hobbies. I love singing, and perps constantly commands me to sing. Normally done during down time, they will v2k me with “karaoke, karaoke” commands, this is so that they can re-start the cycle of harasments. While singing, they will normally induced me with unrespectfull thoughts to the meaning of the lyrics or even the title of each song. I believe this is part of their sadistic entertainments, as I normally hear them argues, cheers, criticize and sings along with me sometimes purposely inducing me to sing out tune or attacking my throat with DEW so that I will not reach a high note. But despite this, I do really enjoy this harassment, so I just ignore them.

Well, this is my blog for today. I will tell you about my experiences in Vancouver and San Francisco when I live there briefly in 2008-2009 in my next one.

For those TIs outhere, don’t lose hope, always fight for your human rights, keep positivity and the negativity out. And for those of you who are participating in this, I pray for your well being as you maybe next…lastly, for the PERPs, may God forgive your souls, if you still have one.
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